DVD to .AVI for Mac

I need to rip a DVD to my eMac. Does anyone know of any sure fire programs that would help me out?

final cut pro if you know someone who has it, otherwise i believe handbrake is free and can do the same thing. ( think) You’ll have to search versiontracker.com for handbrake, I can’t do it here at work.

I may be wrong though.

Actually i have Final Cut Pro. How do I do that in FCP?

Sorry, forget I said FCP. I realized I was using a program called ‘Mac the Ripper’ which can rip to AVI. Sorry. I use FCP a lot, I just got it confused. Dunno if you can actually do that in FCP.



Handbrake is your best option if you don’t need a ton of formatting options. MPEG Streamclip is also a very viable option, but requires quicktime pro, I believe. I’ve never tried to do it on a machine that didn’t have quicktime pro, since every computer at work has pro because it came with final cut. I don’t care a ton for Mac the Ripper. I don’t ever bother making .avi files, though. If you necessarily need .avi, you might have to use mac the ripper. I believe handbrake only does mp4 files. I always just rip stuff at work by feeding the video signal directly into a FCP or Avid machine, so i’m spoiled. =)

Well I have a eMac with QT Pro and FC Pro on it. I just want to know what would be the best way to get my DVDs into Final Cut so I can edit some stuff for a project. I have the transfer equipment too. I’ll try Handbrake. When I used Mac The Ripper it only gave me a .vob file.

Handbrake will rip into .mp4 files that final cut can open, so it’s a perfectly viable solution. Since you have QT pro, you can play with MPEG Streamclip. The only thing with streamclip is you’ll need more knowledge of file compression in general and how DVDs are made, because you’ll need to navigate to the vob file and manually set in/out points, then encode that as whatever type of file you need.

All things considered, MPEG Streamclip is a more powerful solution (thus the one I use at work), but handbrake will get you close to the same results with much less fuss…so I’d suggest handbrake unless you feel overly daring.