Does anybody know if there is a difference in input lag when using either the DVI or HMDI cable for the 360 with the Asus VH242H? Just been told the monitor was delivered to me this morning while I?m at work and so I could pick up whichever cable is deemed ?better? on the way home. I?ve never used a DVI cable before and I?m told the VH242H does come with one; not sure if it?s compatible with the 360 though.

Thanks in advance



There is no real difference between HDMI and DVI, generally, DVI (Normally) only outputs video but no sound but HDMI can put put sound with video. The only other real difference is the connector type. Some DVI ports can handle analog and digital output (such as DVI to VGA adapters) or digital video and sound (DVI to HDMI adapter) this is done on the device side (such as a PC or game system) of the DVI port and not the adapter.


DVI has no copy protection and no sound. Video only.


Thanks for the replies fellas. I think I’ll stick with the HDMI cable then. Anyone know how bad the input lag is with this monitor? I got it because it’s supposed to be minimal.



You should be fine.

I cycle between VGA and HDMI on my VW246H a lot with my Xbox but it’s mostly just mental.

Also most monitors have HDCP on DVI now-a-days. I think they usually require DVI-D though.