Dvi vs hdmi question


i am buying an alienware optx aw2310 monitor and according to the official dell website, it claims that it’ll have low input lag in dvi only. its dvi port is a digital (dvi-d) dual feed only port.

can anyone here explain why this is? since this is the case, would it be better to get an hdmi to dvi adapter and connect my xbox or ps3 to the dvi port since the website claims that its lowest input lag will be through the dvi port? or would it not make a difference anyway since the xbox/ps3 output feed is originally hdmi?

i looked it up and the hdmi to dvi-d adapter doesn’t change the signal in any way other than how the pins are set up, so what gives?


A PC Monitor running through a video card DVI>HDMI, In terms of gaming on a PC


all right, thanks.