dvr recorders


hey me and my bro wanted to record some street fighter vidz and put them on youtube for show does anyone know where, how and how much it would cost to get dvr recorders for this game oh yeah how would we hook it up to for great filming


I have recorded some of my casual play to DVD using one of these. I can’t really comment on price, since I got mine for free though :smiley: I would guess about $100?

Anyway, you will have to run your console through the DVR and then connect the DVR to the TV. If your DVR has regular component input or S-video, you should be fine (S-video is probably your best bet if you have that kind of cable for your console). Based on which input you use, you should be able to select the right signal on your DVR to record from.

Basic step-by-step:

  1. Connect console to DVR
  2. Connect DVR to TV
  3. Turn on console
  4. Turn on TV and select the TVs input for your DVR
  5. Select whichever is the correct input on your DVR (so you see the image from the console)
  6. Hit record