DW = Udon?

I was at my local comic store a couple of days ago talking to my c-guy. We got to talking about the transformers series & so forth. We get into what happened to DW since they made such awsome transformers series. He goes on to mention how when DW lost the rights to TF they eventually became Udon. Is that true? I don’t really know what all went down. It may make sense I guess if so. They do have some similarities. I just wanted to know.:nunchuck: :rock:

no…dw was never udon…they had a few people who would eventually become udon. but dw the original version was purely canadian peeps.

udon has an eclectic group of anime themed people…if anything studio xd became udon. i was on alot of art boards back in the day. so i saw all these people as friends that eventually came together. udon were all internet buddies back in the day.

dreamwave v.1 is not todays udon…udon was more like hired guns…they would do a comic and then every like 2-3 pages a new guy would take the art.

also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UDON


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