Dylan Roof thread.Racism,Burger King,The confederate flag,and a racist judge all in one place.MURICA


So i finally decided to make this considering all the shit that is surrounding this incident. I’ll just start with links and shit, and we can spiral into the chaos afterwards.

Dylan roof was given burger king before being released into the FBI’s custody. More to research on this, but wtf.

Judge of this case in 2003 said there are white people, black people, red necks, and niggas. No, you dont get a pass to call any black person a nigga because you called white people rednecks. Youre a fucking adult. Seriously, you think its okay to be a judge and say that? Well, of course he does. Hes white, in america, and in the south.

Quick overview of the confederate flag situation going on
Disturbing Racism Behind The Confederate Flag, Bill O’Reilly Disagrees



Dylans coon black “friend” he knew for 7 months, below. Who should be arrested on conspiracy charges.
Dylan Roof’s Black Friend

Dylann Roof Was Planning Charleston Shooting ‘For Six Months,’ Roommate Says


Fucking idiots knew this dude was crazy, and planning a mass shooting, and did nothing. How isnt that the easiest conspiracy charge of the century?


I don’t see the big deal with buying the dude a crappy ass hamburger. That is one of the most un-news worthy news stories I’ve ever read.


**Charleston Judge: ‘Forgive Dylann Roof’ **

It might not be that big of a deal, but we also know that if that was a muslim dude shooting up a church in the name of his beliefs, and he said he was hungry, they would tell him to go fuck himself. When it comes to black men in america, you know damn well after committing an act of terrorism like that, aint no one gonna give them shit either, especially for killing 9 white people in the name of racism.

But somehow, this white boy shoots and kills 9 people in a church, says im hungry, and the cops are just like, okie doke, run down the street and get this young man a number 2. I dont know the details of this, but i cannot imagine too many scenarios that a burger king meal was necessary. You could give him a bag of chips from a vending machine. WTF does he need BK for.

A black man cant even ask to not be arrested for allegedly selling loosies in new york without getting murdered, but this motherfucker can kill 9 people in the name of racism, then get a nice burger on top of that after turning himself in.


Should of fed him dog shit


Like Burger King?


You think a black dude that just shot 9 white people is getting a royale with cheese?

e: Obviously there are bigger parts to the story, but the burger is just more evidence of racism.


No, but that doesn’t mean it’s a news story.


adds fuel to race bait fire



Shoulda fed him


to the fishes…


Breaking news! Convicts allowed to breathe air. More on this at 7.




His black friend should be arrested for Conspiracy…HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS PLANNING


I dunno. I kinda look at it as evidence of systemic racism by the CPD.

I think this is fucking retarded. Same with people angry at Civil War reenactors. You can’t erase history… that is literally, *literally *some 1984 shit.


Do we have an example of them refusing to feed a black person in custody? Genuine curiosity.


Probably spit on the burger or worse.


Not that I can cite. So idk, good question. I’m making assumptions I guess. I just think things would have been way different if it wasn’t a white kid with a bad haircut.

I think we can look at what started the Baltimore riots this year though, where the cops killed a black dude on the way to jail. The way the cops handled Dylan is way different. They could have gotten him a twinkie or some other bullshit out of the vending machine if he was really that hungry and not take an order and run an errand for this monster that just killed a bunch of people.

Idk what to make of it I guess… The police going out of their way to make Dylan comfortable just rubs me the wrong way.

I should probably re-read the story, I only glanced over it when I first saw it…


This shit doesn’t bother me so long as the end result is the same as everyone else. Life in prison to rot for what he did. They can give him a back rub and a happy ending for all i care, as long as he spends most if not all his life in jail.


Can we not call this POS by name in the title please?


I was reading a book recently where people are stuffed inside vases with their head sticking out and spend the rest of their lives basically as furniture and are fed nutrition cubes. They basically turned into blobs of living flesh with no real stimulation and had a glazed look over their faces. That’s what this guy, the boston bomber, and anyone else that does heinous crimes should get.