Dynamic Matchup Chart and Replay Database


Dynamic matchup chart from all ST matches that were played on 2DF and what is now Supercade: Supercade - Matchup Chart

Searchable replay database: Supercade - Replays


Señor damdizzy,

Would you by chance still haz ti ol replays from way back in ti dayz ?
Also this is good workz. Gonna make some vids outta these hopefully.

Kindest regards.


Sorry freeholes, old replays gone forever. There were so many of them, it probably would’ve taken at least 2 to weeks to back them up somewhere. New replay system will purge unwatched replays after 30 days.


It seems that the supercade matchup chart seems to (at last to me) represent how difficult gimmicks are to beat. I like it.

What about watched replays? Do they get purged after 30 days without access? or do they stay indefinitely?


Current chart:

  1. Honda
  2. Boxer
  3. Claw
  4. Blanka
  5. Chun Li, Zangief
  6. T. Hawk
  7. Cammy
  8. Dictator, Sagat
  9. Dee Jay, Fei Long
  10. Guile, Ken
  11. Dhalsim
  12. Ryu


Makes no sense :-\


So it’s Japanese names?


Hum… no. It’s wrong! :sweat:

OK, I’ll try it again!

  1. Honda
  2. Dictator
  3. Boxer
  4. Blanka
  5. Chun Li, Zangief
  6. T. Hawk
  7. Cammy
  8. Claw, Sagat
  9. Dee Jay, Fei Long
  10. Guile, Ken
  11. Dhalsim
  12. Ryu

See? Now it makes perfect sense!!! :confused:


gotta love online auto-fire ehonda


Like i said, don’t think of it like a normal matchup chart. Think of it in terms of Gimmicks, and either both players playing very shallow. Or think of it as one of the players having to try and “figure out” the gimmicks. Honda has the most. constant sumo splashes, HHS, ochios…

While characters like Ryu and Dhalsim don’t really have any gimmicks. They have to actually play solidly. The most ryu can really do gimmick wise is maybe constantly Crossup tatsu, but it doesn’t take long to figure how to block…

and Dhalsim (even though he’s really high normally on competitive tier lists…) only really has the throw loop, and all you gotta do for that is either keep him out, or try to mash out of it. not too hard to “figure out”


this list is incredibly useful to me as i plan on going online and learning only the most mashy gimmicky characters to get the most wins possible with having as little real skill as possible :woot:


No need to be sarcastic, there really is a use for this. More time should be spent playing the gimmicky characters to learn how to get past them. After you get past the gimmicks players have to start playing “By the book” and that play is similar to the non-gimmicky characters…

On the other hand, if you don’t want to learn matchup specifics yet, you can also target the non gimmicky characters rather than the gimmicky ones.