Dynamic stages!?!?

Since when did this game have dynamic stages!? I was playing in that Uncharted Region of China stage and near the end of the fight Tekkaman did yet another j.2c and then the stage fell apart and we ended up floating on a raft. Since when did this shit happen? I’ve played this game since the day it came out in both the US and Japan and I’ve never seen this.

Yeah, that happened to me too.
Seems some stages can be interacted with.
Like if you stomp on the Galactor ship the platform falls… and so does a person.

Can’t wait till this happens to me.Should be pleasant,but what does this mean for tournament rules?

I would think such stages would be banned. Kind of unrelated, but is Wasteland (Burning) banned? I heard somewhere that it was laggy.

I haven’t heard anything about it being laggy, but the fire stage is generally softbanned because it’s hard to see what’s going on a lot of the time and it’s apparently hell for colorblind people.

I dont see how they would affect a tournament other than the visual distraction. And I totally agree with the fire stage. I HATE that stage. I’m not colorblind but I have a really hard time seeing whats going on in that stage.

So what stages do this? So far we have Galactor and China.

I remember hearing that China, the only stage I know that changes, changes when the clock gets to 60 seconds or less and somebody hits the floor, usually with Tekkamen j.2C.

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If you go into stage gallery and constantly tap a button (I forgot which one) you can play around with some of the dynamic stages.

The burning stage also has this little thing at its right section, which after some time also collapses and there’s even this small burst of wind coming after.


Thats the pic. Yours is kind of gross to. Where did you find it? I like it.

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The fire stage is easier on the eyes when you have a flat screen TV with component cables, on a tube TV, it’s harder to view. Also, I knew of the dynamic stage effects the first 3 days of me playing this game. I used to think it was Gold Lightan specific, but its not, any character that has a move that hits on the grounds can do this on Uncharted Region of China, as long as the timer is under 60 seconds it will happen. On the Megaman stage, the yellow headed bots will fall down on their asses as you hit the ground with a move, and on the Gachaman stage, people will fall as you hit the ground with a move. There may be more of them on other stages.

Ahh I understand what the OP meant by dynamic stages.The way he said “fell apart” instantly made me think of how the floor drops away from you and you fall down in the air into another stage which is a feature of a 3d fighter I played before(can’t remember the name).

So all that happens are just some minor background changes?

Gallactor Base - you can influence the elevator movement by smashing an enemy to the ground. This can also have various Gallactor soldiers drop.
Burning Wasteland - buildings can collapse.
Washinkyo - while you can’t really interact with the stage, there’s something happening in the background.
Orbital Ring - ^ditto
China - ground attacks on both corners will cause the bridge to collapse.
Gesselschaft Stormy - AFAIK some of the stuff in the background will fall down (e.g. servbots) if you smash the enemy to the ground.

As was mentioned earlier in this topic, I believe the bridge in the China stage can collapse only after a certain time (60 or whatever) because the river wasn’t rendered for any time beyond that.

Orbital Ring should be the only stage allowed anyway. Music is too good. Also soldiers fighting some giant green thing that’s so poorly animated it looks like a large children’s toy and then those soldiers running up and dancing is wtflulz.

Orbital Ring is so overrated. For starters, the music is basically this: [media=youtube]tKWEPx0eT8s[/media] - skip to 0:33. Massively cheesy.
And even offline, there’s slowdown when someone does Rekkouha or some other supers. And I swear you get more lag online in that stage. If that’s true, it’s the worst stage by far.

Reminds me of Power Stone stages though, with all that stuff in the background.

Galactor Base has the best music by far: [media=youtube]WlbNgLF8D9s[/media]

In Gesellschaft (clear skies), a group of Servbots will come out and cheer if someone fires a super.