Dynamics of a team: Q&A on multiple teams/ideas

Spiral = requires a lot of work, as well as good sticks… often referred to as “Spiral/Strider syndrome”.

Good luck, Magnetic Hail… :slight_smile:

That’s not neccessarily true. Some teams involve a group of three chars which all work well on point off the other two assists. For instance, my Sim/Sent/Guile team. Any of those three work well on point with the other two assists helping them out. Other times people play a single point char where both assists are intended almost entirely for helping the point char. Also, sometimes people start the primary assist in the middle slot for initial DHC reasons. And sometimes there’s no clear battery/burner pairing, such as on Sent/Cable/AAA teams.

And GL, Mag Hail. Let us know how you do.

really? i thought infinite crazy magnetos and fast fly sentinels also needed good sticks…

Not really, at least not for real-world, simple yet effective type stuff that you’re likely to see in a tourney. The flashy stuff, maybe.

The sheer number of knife load iterations Spiral has to do introduces plenty of opportunites to screw up. Strider suffers more from having “too many” moves, often giving you a wall grab or something like that at the most inopportune moment.

Still viable, both of them, just less margin for error than many are comfortable with… or at least that’s what I personally derive from their steady decline over Marvel’s lifespan.

sent/cable/AAA teams fall into the battery/burner/appropriate assist…if you burn ur meter w/sentinel good luck winning on a consistant basis…

and btw, i am talkin about teams you would play in a tourny…not like a team that is just for fun.

I passed first two round with great success/luck, round one best of 3 won 2-0 by strider storm doom, round two best of 3 won 2-1 , round 3 best of 3 lost 2-0 badly to Magneto Blackheart Cyclops / HIGH HIGH LEVEL MAGNETO. loser bracket lost 2-1 to team scrub. Didn’t bother checking where I was ranked but damn, first time I’ve seen a high level magneto, I swear at one point, I didn’t know if I was playing or watching a combo video. And the guy’s blackheart is MAD CRAZY. Didn’t do too well but it was fun and learned some tips from the pros and watching crazy sakura/bison/vega a groove combos in CvS2. The sole game I won in losers bracket, I was using my sakura/venom/tron team. it was technically 2-0 therefor I was eliminated but I played again for fun since the dude for the next match up was in the bathroom, doing his stuff and I actually won. not an official score but I like to think 2-1 =)

Anyways, I say play any team you want as long as each three characters benefit from one another =)

I’m sooo learning blackheart now :evil:

don’t know about you…but i find the HCB to reload swords not so bad, and once you get the spiral/sent trap timing down it’s fairly easy to pull off consistently.

strider…yes you can screw up all the time.

but for spiral, the HCB is really the only problem, and i think it’s easier to do the HCB to load swords only, rather than trying to HCF from a lightning attack, or doom+ HCB hypergrab xx tempest.

even old school magnetos with hypergrab xx tempest combos i think is harder to pull off than a simple spiral sword reload.

her teleport is so easy as heck you’d have to be a dumbass to screw that up.

personally i think less people are using spiral because she seems limited in what she can do. magneto storm and sentinel have so many combos and shit, but spiral…all she has is 2 sword traps. not much variety at all…

Thanks a lot for the advice NinjMai and Magntic Hail! ^ ^

I just need a little help on Storm (Proj.)/Sentinel (Ground)/Cable (AAA) now… I’ve been putting Storm on point and Sent second for a long time, is that the best setup for my team? Cable’s just been giving me a hard time because he lags so much from the ground HVB that I DHC in from Sent’s HSF… any advice on that?

storm/sentinel/cable is almost ALWAYS the best setup for that team, matter of fact, i’d say 100% of the time. (somebody is going to question this, whateva, the ONLY justifiable situation is when somebody has sentinel first, lets say a team scrub, and you want to go sent vs sent then storm vs cable, thas a better matchup for you than storm vs sent then sent vs cable, hope ur following me…if your bold you can start cable vs sent, but then that would leave your sent vs their cable, only difference is their cable will be loaded…the plus to starting yours out is that IF your cable outlasts his sentinel that you can try and GB his cable…all of this is based on the ever popular team scrub)…anyways, here are some ways to get cable in…

-rh drones, tag in
-if you hit them with an HSF and just want cable in real bad, then just tag in, either they roll, and don’t get hit, and you get in safely, or they don’t roll, get hit, and you get in safely
-when DHC’ing with cable, aim the beam as far down as possible, if you do it correctly, they will be getting hit on the groud in essence as an otg, and a roll will be forced, therefore, making cable safe
-and as always, his alpha counter is too good

Well, I agree with the fact that sword loads are easy… But there’re ways out of the Spiral traps.
pushblocking=too good
I’ve seen a few really crazy Spirals that didn’t even use the traps, though. Good shit.

Cable/Sent w/o meter is still pretty viable on point. Yes, Cable’s best option is AHVBxN, but he does have other options. And I would honestly take Sim/Sent/Guile to a tourney. And I’ve seen a few peeps play Mags/Psy/Tron seriously, Mags being their only point man.

cable/sent is viable on point when cable doesn’t have meter AND SENT HAS HEALTH…if cable has no meter and calls out a sent with 1/4 life…good luck…