Dynamite! comics thread

I didn’t see one already here, and their line is pretty impressive lately and I just got into them on a recommendation of “The last Phantom” since the owner knew I was a big fan of the pistol sporting, purple spandex wonder.

This new series is FANTASTIC! No worries over purple spandex, he has his own costume and personality, and the first issue was a joy to read. I might get in on Kevin Smith’s run of the Green Hornet, which they seem to be whoring out in anticipation of the film.

I have the 1st 4 issues of Black Terror on TPB & that shit is good.I wish I was able to keep up with it though

the boys - nuff said

zorro - classic matt wagner

freddy/jason/ash - good stuff

green hornet - looking forward to matt wagner’s series

I got the FvJvA sequel, I thought it was the first. Good stuff but I was kinda lost in the beginning.

Garth Ennis is a comic hero of mine, I must check out the Boys.

I recommend that Phantom comic to you guys, it was well done and he just looks badass.

I’ll give that Phantom comic a read =)

Good shit, hope you like it as much as I did. :tup:

^I did indeed enjoy it =D While it did have some ‘cliche’ stuff it was overall pretty fun to read, looking forward to more from the author. I did also like the art.

Yeah the art and overall tone is why I enjoyed it, and while it had a few cliche moments I thought they were appropriate within the context of the story.

I just hope they introduce a more long term plot for him, as the whole revenge angle shouldn’t take long to deal with.

I’m curious about something; what are the recommended/best(?) Phantom series? The guy has been around for nearly 75 years (!!) there had to be a team that did some great stuff with the character.

There’s been a continual newspaper comic since 1936, don’t know which papers exactly though. DC Comics published a series in '88, and there was one I read when the movie was coming out when I was young, but can’t remember it to well.

But he was in a cartoon! [media=youtube]-Nm_jJBkHtU[/media]