Dynasty Events #5-S.F.IV/MVC2/BlazBlue-Bi-weekly-NYC-09-19/20-09 Cash+free 360


Dynasty Events Weekend Battle Bash! Which will be held at the #1 tournament
center in Brooklyn "Kings Games!

                  Voted one of the top 3 game centers in N.Y.C by the Examiner.com !!!


-Marvel vs. Capcom 2- Beginning - 4:00 P.M

-soul calibur4-beginning-2:00 p.m


-Street Fighter IV-Beginning-2:00 P.M

-Super Smash Brothers Brawl-Beginning-2:00 P.M

-BlazBlue-Beginning-5:00 P.M

Bi-Weekly event so you can expect to have a blast at our bash and you’re free to come every 2 weeks!!!

FEES: $10.00 tournament entry fee/ $10.00 house fee


1st place will receive 70% of all tournament entry fees

2nd place will receive 20% of all tournament entry fees

3rd place will receive 10% of all tournament entry fees

EXAMPLE: IF 100 PEOPLE ENTER 1ST=$700, 2ND=$200, 3RD=$100

I want to give the community an option to vote on a new format for all games in Dynasty events and the decision will be determined by post giving their votes.

1st : 50%
2nd : 20%
3rd : 20%
4th : 10%

or standard

1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

place your votes people because its your prize :slight_smile:

**Special prize:
In any event holding more than 35 participants a special free tournament will be held where 8 players will be selected by random raffle a free $50.00 prize

If 50 or more players (this has only happened twice of our last 5 events:) a nintendo D.S.I or Xbox 360 will be given as the prize of the free tournament.

Example: 51 players compete in the s.f tournament there is a free xbox 360 going to someone :slight_smile: !!!
-Kings Games is the largest venue for local tournaments in the NYC region. our max capacity of 200 people allows more competitors to play so let’s pack the place and pack the winner’s wallet!

This event is hosted by Dynasty events at Kings Games.

For further information contact us at:

Phone: 718-336-1955

Location: 1685 east 15 street

Website: www.kingsgames.com

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Map quest and live stream: www.heartofbattle.com

Transportation: Simply take the b or q train to KingsHighway and turn the corner on your left.

This is one of our many Bi-weekly events (proudly after seeing the success of our first event) so we simply wish the keep the ball rolling as Dynasty Events and Kings Games continues to support the gaming community so come out, compete and showcase your gaming skill…
finals will be streamed for viewing online and played on 72 inch large monitors!!!


This event is going to have the only special event of its kind announced next week :slight_smile:


Heart of Battle will be live streaming and capturing HD footage of course. :bgrin:

I’ve been trying to step my SFIV game up as well, so I’ll be throwing down. :rofl:

Really looking forward to this!


Heart of Battle ftw! Always great streams…looking forward to it :tup:

Good luck to everyone in the tourney!


Hmm. You guys really need to make sure you aren’t putting your events on the same day as other SF4 events. I’ve had my event posted for almost a month.



These events, when they started, were stated to be bi-weekly. While it sucks that events are happening on the same day, sometimes, it just happens…

Anyway, I can’t make this one, got to take off for 2 weeks after my tourny with the Jewish holidays being on the weekend, but I do hope for better attendance this time. BB had more than SFIV :party:


Yea it is bi-weekly and Dynasty events is thinking maybe a free nintendo dsi for the random select tournaments :slight_smile: or maybe a raffle…still deciding but this one is sure to be great


I want to give the community an option to vote on a new format for all games in Dynasty events and the decision will be determined by post giving their votes.

1st : 50%
2nd : 20%
3rd : 20%
4th : 10%

or standard

1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

place your votes people because its your prize :slight_smile:


*votes standard just cuz 2nd and 3rd shouldn’t win the same aamount


Random Select tournaments?


Who cares if it’s run bi-weekly, that’s not an excuse to just have your tournament on the same day. Try actually planning on not doing that, it’s only going to segregate the community if you just keep doing it this way.


Thanks man, that really means a lot :slight_smile:

Nintendo D.S.I or XBOX 360 as a bonus prize? That’s awesome! Who would pass that up?

Also, since we are affiliated with this event, I figured I’d share this with the local community. We’re giving away the new Mad Catz Femme Fatale LE stick for FREE!

Check out our site or YouTube for more info.



The tourneys are about 60 miles apart. That’s well over an hour of driving, especially with traffic considered. There’s ALWAYS traffic on the Belt pkwy. For people who take the train, it would take about three hours to get from Brooklyn to Smithtown with transfers and stuff.

If the tournaments were 15-20 minutes apart, then I could see why there would be issues but these two tourneys are pretty much targeting different areas.

Not only that, but if something is bi-weekly, it’s bi-weekly regardless of anything else that goes on. If a TV show is on once per week, it’s not going to change because another good show is on at the same time.

If everybody tried to accommodate everybody else, nothing would ever work out properly. We don’t live in a perfect world, there’s going to be conflict wherever you go.

Just my opinion regarding tourneys falling on the same day.


No see, the other tournament was posted a month before hand, so people can plan ahead of time because they factored in the distance. You guys posting this thread this week can possibly / easily pull in people who suddenly don’t want to travel to L.I. because you’re much closer. That only falls under your convenience even when someone gave hopeful attendants a month’s notice. Instead of running things bi-weekly try to plan it with the fact that there are other tournaments in mind, otherwise it comes off as you not giving a shit as to who has what planned and for how long they had it planned.


no worries i just spoke to bisonopolis and he has always shown me support and when he informed me of this i decided to place my street fighter only on sundays and im switching my 2v2 for sf on sat for a different game :slight_smile:


I’ve spoken with King of Games and everything has been worked out. I’m glad that things were solved in a quick and appropriate manner. :bgrin: When events clash like this, as promoters, we need to be able to handle things exactly as this was handled. Thanks for understanding King of Games. :tup:



Good shit guys.



Glad you guys worked it out. :slight_smile: I enjoy attending both of your tourneys. Looks like I can do both next weekend :bgrin:


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