Dynasty Events #6-S.F.IV/BlazBlue-Bi-weekly-NYC-10-03-09 Cash+free snacks :)


Dynasty Events Weekend Battle Bash! Which will be held at the #1 tournament
center in Brooklyn "Kings Games!

Voted one of the top 3 game centers in N.Y.C by the Examiner.com !!!


-Street Fighter IV-Beginning-2:00 P.M

-BlazBlue-Beginning-5:00 P.M

Bi-Weekly event so you can expect to have a blast at our bash and you’re free to come every 2 weeks!!!

FEES: $10.00 tournament entry fee/ $10.00 house fee


If more than 40 players:

1st : 50%
2nd : 20%
3rd : 20%
4th : 10%

If less then 40 players

1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

Special prize:
In any event holding more than 35 participants a special free tournament will be held where 8 players will be selected by random raffle a free $50.00 prize

If 50 or more players (this has only happened twice of our last 5 events:) a nintendo D.S.I or Xbox 360 will be given as the prize of the free tournament.

Example: 51 players compete in the s.f tournament there is a free xbox 360 going to someone :slight_smile: !!!

-Kings Games is the largest venue for local tournaments in the NYC region. our max capacity of 200 people allows more competitors to play so let’s pack the place and pack the winner’s wallet!

This event is hosted by Dynasty events at Kings Games.

For further information contact us at:

Phone: 718-336-1955

Location: 1685 east 15 street

Website: www.kingsgames.com

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Map quest : www.heartofbattle.com

Transportation: Simply take the b or q train to KingsHighway and turn the corner on your left.

This is one of our many Bi-weekly events (proudly after seeing the success of our first event) so we simply wish the keep the ball rolling as Dynasty Events and Kings Games continues to support the gaming community so come out, compete and showcase your gaming skill…
finals will be streamed for viewing online and played on 72 inch large monitors!!!


sorry for the late post people lets get this ball rolling :party:


Did you post up 2 tournaments at the same time?

Also I’m pretty sure Nikos isn’t doing the live stream



no they are 2 different events and your right im going to edit that for this event thanks :slight_smile:


Hey im def down for this one as long as you are sure you are getting an extra tv because it was kind of crowded. lol


Yeah why not I’m down with 360 pad. I don’t think I’ll be playing chun-li though cause of those rock hard buttons.


good to see you get back into it :party:

I think beside rico suave who def needs an srk account and itachi we might get some other big names here including my boy adnan


I think I’ma bring a Vega player, not sure how good he is.


Mark said he’s coming through~

THE Fudge? Same day as Battlefield Arcadia? What happened?


Sounds great…and a vega player? with mark and him we will have some def inate variety :slight_smile:


man whats going on here rotflmao team pie will go to this


Well like I said before, THE FUDGE? I don’t know if I’m going. My homeslice doesn’t wanna come during conflicting days. Neither do I.


man… i aint gonna front i feel bad for this event. as long as ppl see who posted what first…


probably have way more for smash on sunday but still gonna show to roll with sf4


this still goin tomorrow and if so, are folks comin through still?


yea but you dont see it on post because alot of the locals do not own shoryuken accounts…we just play:party:


yea oddly enough they do not want to be part of the srk community.


ah, ic. well, i’m headin over tomorrow. it’s gonna be my first tourny. im excited!


What system are these tournaments played on?