**Dynasty Events Weekend Battle Bash! Which will be held at the #1 tournament center in Brooklyn “Kings Games!”


-Super Smash Brothers Brawl-Beginning-2:00 P.M

-Marvel vs. Capcom 2- Beginning - 5:00 PM

-SEPT 6 2009-

-Street Fighter IV-Beginning-2:00 P.M

-BlazBlue-Beginning-5:00 pm

-Soul Calibur 4-Beginning-8:00 pm

-AUG 30-2009

-HALO 3 -4pm 2 v 2/ 6pm 4 v 4 08/30/2009

-SIGN UPS BEGIN AT 11:30 AM 08/08/2009

Bi-Weekly event so you can expect to have a blast at our bash and you’re free to come every 2 weeks!!!:party:

FEES: $10.00 tournament entry fee/ $10.00 house fee


1st place will receive 70% of all tournament entry fees

2nd place will receive 20% of all tournament entry fees

3rd place will receive 10% of all tournament entry fees

EXAMPLE: IF 100 PEOPLE ENTER 1ST=$700, 2ND=$200, 3RD=$100

Special prize:
Top 8 in SFIV will be invited to play for FREE in a special exhibition tournament including some of the best players in the world.

-Kings Games is the largest venue for local tournaments in the NYC region. our max capacity of 200 people allows more competitors to play so let’s pack the place and pack the winner’s wallet!

This event is hosted by Dynasty events at Kings Games.

For further information contact us at:

Phone: 718-336-1955

Location: 1685 east 15 street

Website: www.kingsgames.com

Brooklyn, NY 11229

Map quest and live stream: www.heartofbattle.com

Transportation: Simply take the b or q train to KingsHighway and turn the corner on your left.

This is one of our many Bi-weekly events (proudly after seeing the success of our first event) so we simply wish the keep the ball rolling as Dynasty Events and Kings Games continues to support the gaming community so come out, compete and showcase your gaming skill…
finals will be streamed for viewing online and played on 72 inch large monitors!!!

Hope everyone makes it out and has a great time. Thanks a lot to all you guys who keep showing their support (now make 'em run some GG!)

I’ll post on dustloop as well.



You forgot to mention console

The console can go either way. There should be TE sticks out for lending. Some of us are also polite enough to lend ours out as well (I lend mine as long as you don’t mash, HRAP 2 with PS3 converter).

its gona be ps3 for bb

Usually 360 for sf4, ps3 for bb, no?

yea it is but for sf4 its multi platform with sticks lent out to those with issues using pads on opposite systems.

Heart of Battle (www.heartofbattle.com) will be providing a live stream and capturing HD footage of the Street Fighter IV portion of this event. Check out our site for more info as we get closer to this event.

I think people will enjoy the free tournament and prize…FREE SNACKS is erins usual so lets catch that to :slight_smile:

I’m coming of course!

Free tournament? Wtf?

Will you guys ever do a team tournament? I’d love to be in a 3vs3 SFIV tournament.

we want to start a 2v2 after this event and we are going to take a vote on saturday on how you guys feel about it because i want to do a s.f4 tournament on sat. and a 2v2 sf4 on sunday.

I busted out the camcorder too late last time lol. This time I will have it ready to capture the epic FREE SNACKS moments. :slight_smile:

lol yea

Yea top 8 gets free entry into a special free tournament with guest players and a live stream feature :slight_smile: that prize is a surprise but its worth it for free.:party:

I’m down with the PS3 pad. The Philly tournament dominated the venue last time.

lol i like holding this tournament because everything you guys do at these tournaments is so cool to watch.

Wtf 1 day left and I have to bump this shit?

lol dont be so hostile alot of people call in their entries not post.