How many ppl we got for bb?bc ill dependin how many ppl we got.don’t wana come all the way from queens and see 3 ppl for bb again lol

I’ll be there (more than likely)

I will be also

damn yu guys pulled a fast one on me i might make it

Can’t wait I’ll be bringin another challenger along w/ me ^_^.

Hype machine is on!

Heading out in a few!

By the way, if you’re good at commentating, feel free to come up to the table and grab a mic. I’m not good at it so I’d really like to have some of you more experienced players to hop on :slight_smile:

Just woke up.

I’m waking up the Knights, everyone over slept. I’m getting them ready to go to the tournament. They’ll be there.

im trying to call this place but no one is picking up is there still a bb tourney and was wondering if u can hold my spot in it cause im at the train station now and had a train delay today i would have been there sooner but is it possible to hold my spot? bad fish this is.

well im on my way back home sorry for double post but the store has been on the phone for two hrs and i calculated my time and i couldnt make it i mean i had a train delay so all right nobodies fault but i could have been saved sometime if the store picked up, well whatever.