Dynasty Feud [STEAM RELEASE: May 23, 2017] - 2D local/online brawler


I’m not used to post in such specialized forums, but I did’t want lose the chance of showcasing our game in the biggest FGC :slight_smile:
Dynasty Feud is a 2D fighting game for 2-4 players, in which dynasties (composed of 5 members) of different civilizations and ages will fight until only one of them remains alive.



The gameplay consists of fast paced battles enhanced with some platformer mechanics. Each combat will be different; from archers to melee fighters, annoying snipers or fast characters are going to confront you in the battlefield.

Dynasty Feud is planned to be released this year before summer on Steam.

Hope you like what we have, tell me if you have any doubt or suggestion please, I’ll be posting here progresses and changes. We also planned to organize a Beta before the official release, so stay tuned!


seems smash like games coming out in masses now.

what does your game offer which differs it from the “bigger” upcoming titles like
brawlhalla , rivals of aether, brawlout?


The main difference with the mentioned titles (and others), is that in Dynasty Feud you play with a whole dynasty. Instead of choosing just one fighter to play with, you choose a dynasty composed of five members, and as they fall in battle, the next member appears to continue fighting. There are 40 different characters in Dynasty Feud, distributed in 8 dynasties.

Another different aspect in Dynasty Feud compared to others, is the one-hit-kill mechanic. There are some exceptions in characters with armor, but just one hit will kill your fighter forever, making the defensive movements of the characters a real strategy to play with. B)

Levels in Dynasty Feud are dynamic, sometimes aggressive, and full of traps and interactive mechanisms, making battles really varied and different. The example below shows how the medieval level changes as time passes because of some catapults throwing rocks randomly over it.


The titles you mentioned before base their mechanics on Smash Bros, our fighting system, game modes and the dynasties differs from those kind of brawlers.

If you have more doubts or suggestions please feel free to ask. thank you!


It looks interesting to say the least. Reminds me of a more involved Duck Game.

Why don’t you tell us how your game plays? What are the buttons or inputs? What are your offensive and defensive options? How does mobility come into play?

I ask this because, your game looks ok, but I know nothing about how it plays.


Yes Duck Game is also one of the games we took as reference. We don’t have weapons than can be picked, instead there are a wide variety of characters, each one with its own playstyle.

The game has 3 main pillars: the characters and dynasties, the Warden Spirits and the evolving levels.

This will be a long post, but bare with me. I will try to expand on how the game plays.

They depend on the character but as an overview these are the buttons and inputs:
]Jump, all the characters can jump and doublejump, the height is the same. Also all characters can slide walls and jump from them.

[*]Action1 and Action2, these are mainly the attack buttons, but not all of them are real attacks as for example the Gunslinger uses Action1 to shot and Action2 to reload, but this is character dependent.

[*]Defense, usually an invulnerable roll, but again this depends on the character.

[*]Super, once the super is charged it is used to release the SuperFeud Attack. There are 8 different and are Dynasty bounded.

In terms of movement, there are 3 different running speeds, and if affects how far a player can jump.

Those are the basic buttons but let me explain two different characters as an example of how these works.



Ragnar from the Viking Dynasty is one of the strongest melee characters, usually the depth of attack is higher in characters that have only melee options than the ones with ranged attacks.



Ragnar can perform the normal attack with Action1 on the ground and in the air.


Action1 + Up while grounded does a powerful attack upwards that elevates the character even higher than a normal jump, so it is another way of moving around the level.


While in the air Action1 + Down stops the character in mid air for a moment to propel himself downwards hitting everything until it finds ground.


Action2 can only be performed in ground, and it is a really fast and furious attack forward, to catch enemies running away.



While grounded and not moving the defense button, uses the shield. Once out if the button is kept hold he can move around with it, protecting himself.


Defense + movement on the ground performs the invulnerable roll.


In the air, it does an air dash that can be done in 8 directions.

This character has many movement possibilities apart from the usual run and jump.

Molly the knife thrower, this character belongs to the Cowboys Dynasty, is a small and fast pain in the ass.



Action1 throws the knife while grounded or in air in 8 directions. She has up to 3 knives, that needs to recover from the environment to throw again.


Action2 if she still has ammo does a quick, close melee attack with one of them.


If she has no ammo instead, performs a raging charge using the horns of the bull skull she is wearing. This charge can be maintained until she collides with a wall.



The defense option, in this case, is only the invulnerable roll while grounded.

You can see that these are two pretty different characters, Ragnar melee heavy oriented and Molly a fast, slippery ranged oriented character, but still able to protect herself in close combat.
We have up to 40 characters, each one different, with its own attacks and abilities.


Warden Spirits

They are the ancestor of the Dynasties that appears in between character deaths for 5 seconds, and allows the player to do 3 different actions:
[]Select which dynasty member will appear next from the remaining ones.
]Position itself to spawn that member.


[*]Bother the rest of the players.


Each Warden Spirit has an ability that annoys the other player, they can do a knockback, darken the screen, stun, etc… Even if you have lost the match you will still be playing with the Warden Spirit and can affect the final outcome.

Dynamic Levels

It was something we had really clear from the beginning. We did not want static levels, we wanted dynamic levels in which, something was happening all the time, lightning destroying the Drakkar, trains leaving or pagodas burnings. The level won’t be the same at the end of the match.



There is still a lot I can explain if I go in detail, but I hope this makes a clearer idea of how the game plays.

With so many characters and variety, it is really hard for us to keep it balanced. We have tried to balance it, and create characters that are better against others and vice versa.
There is still a lot of data that we need to gather and analyze, but knowing that the fighting community is really good at details, have a lot of experience and probably can see things that we even never imagined can be done, we would love to hear your insight if you are willing to test the game.


Yeah this seems pretty interesting actually. Maybe others can chime in here, but I get the feeling this might be a tricky place for you to go for feed back. Personally, I’d play it. It looks simple enough for my non-fighting game friends to enjoy it and complex enough to hold my attention.

As for balance, personally, If I were designing this game, I’d focus on making sure every character is fun. I’m sure you’ve already done this, but trying to balance a team based game with 40 characters isn’t really viable. Really all you’re going to be able to adjust is movement speed and possibly attack recovery timings. If I read correctly, it’s all one hit KO. If that’s accurate, I don’t really see there being a problem with balance. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care too much about balance. I look at it this way since your game reminds me a bit of Duck Game: Duck game is a lot of fun. It’s pretty symmetrical, and no-one has a real advantage over anyone else most of the time. Map placements are a thing, but whatever. There’s another game whose name I forget; it’s kinda similar but you have a bow and arrow and its much more technical. I prefer Duck Game because the game is more fun. Balance isn’t a concern here. I just think that this sort of game needs to be simple or normal people wont have as much fun. You can even compare a game like Overwatch to really any other shooter. It’s a similar idea.

Anyways, your game looks interesting. Based on how you’ve described it and how it seems to play, I’d give it a go.


Glad you like it. It’s true that we are aiming mainly for a fun game in which everyone can enjoy playing, but we hope that we have added enough depth in the game and characters for players who invest time and analyze them to find tricks and power movements hidden beneath the normal gameplay.

Regarding the balance what we want is to balance the dynasties between them. We know that balancing all the characters is impossible and while designing them we have done some characters better than other on purpose. I don’t know who said it but it’s true, that there need to be bad or normal characters so that there are heroes.
I agree that what we need to get right is the speed, movement and attacks timing, and it is what we are doing right now, doing another pass over all the characters polishing those aspects. We are making tests speeding up the gameplay as some players asked to. We have incremented the running velocity of all the characters and changed the jump to be faster to reach the apex as it was a bit floaty. I think with these changes the game feels a lot better to play, it is more frantic and forces the player to be more accurate, and probably more technical.

The other game you are talking about I believe it is Towerfall. It’s more technical than Duck Game, but in overall both games are pretty similar. In general, I would consider ours more close to Towerfall than to Duck Game, but that it is just an opinion.

We will be doing some beta tests, someday in the coming months, to test the online and gather feedback from the players. So if you are interested I would love you to play and hear your thoughts. We will probably announce it here once it is ready.


the backgrounds/stages look cool. i’m not into these types of fighting games but i like the look and presentation.


Thank you!
We were looking for a variety of levels based on the dynasties in the game. Here are the examples of Viking, Aztec, Japanese and Mediaval levels.






Hello everybody!

Join this 2D multiplayer party brawler open beta, pick your dynasty and show everyone you are the best warrior in the world!

Vikings, pirates, samurais, cowboys — they have one thing in common: they all love a good fight. But there’s one thing they love even more: laughing at their rivals after kicking their sorry asses! Do you want to show everyone you are the best warrior? Well, you have a chance now: join Dynasty Feud open beta from March 10th to April 9th on Steam.


This open beta will let all players choose between 4 of the 8 warring dynasties. Available dynasties will follow this rotation schedule.

**Week 1 (March 10th): **The Cartwrongs Dynasty and Clan Yngling Dynasty
Week 2 (March 17th): Clan Yngling Dynasty and The Crew of The Fancier Dynasty
Week 3 (March 24th): The Crew of The Fancier Dynasty and Nekoyama-shi Dynasty
Week 4 (March 31st): Nekoyama-shi Dynasty and The Cartwrongs Dynasty

The best players will be ranked on a leaderboard every week, and the results will be broadcasted on Dynasty Feud’s social media platforms and website. And every week the top players will receive an extra key of the game! Stay tuned to Dynasty Feud social media accounts and Steam page, more prizes coming soon!






See you in the battlefield!!


I like that you aren’t just making something that just copies Melee’s formula. It’ll be interesting to see if Smash clones get what we saw with fighters in the 90s, where lots of new ideas are being tried out and the good ones stick while the bad ones bomb and disappear.


Thank you, we are not trying to hide our references at all, but at least trying to pick different ideas from other games and mix them into one, and add some of our own.

  • The one hit kill stressful and quick matches from games like Samurai Gun and Towerfall.
  • The team based fights from games like marvels vs capcom or KOF in which you select or build your team and decide the order in which they appear to take advantage of the situation.
  • Adding to that a great variety of playable characters each one with different mechanics to learn and master but quite simple to control once known all their possibilities. This makes the game a frantic kill or die situation in which the timing and error are crucial.
  • Dynamic levels, so that the environment changes all the time and players need to adapt quickly to what is coming and not only your enemy.
  • And the warden spirits that might be overlooked or forgotten many times, but can have a great impact in the game if used correctly.

Those are the main features we either borrowed or added, and the mixture of all of them is Dynasty Feud. We encourage you to join our open beta and if you happen to like what some you see, help us improve it and spread the word, and we may become one of those that sticks.



Hey guys!
Dtnasty Feud is finally about to be released on Steam:
Visit Dynasty Feud Steam Page

Thank you to all of you that supported us in this adventure!
Dynasty Feud will be available to download the next May 23rd, with a launch discount.

Enjoy our release trailer!



Visit Dynasty Feud Steam Page

Dynasty Feud is finally out! Thank you again Shoryuken for your support and suggestions. See you in the Batllefield!


As a thank you for your support during the time of development. We want to give some Steam keys for free to play Dynasty Feud.
Hope you like it. Feel free to make a review on Steam, it helps a lot.