Dynasty Warriors: Hokuto no Ken - Fist of the Northstar

Teaser video:


They really know how to tricks fans to play lame Dynasty Warriors re-skins, don’t they? After a buncha Gundams, now they go for Hokuto, knowing full well fans would be tempted, regardless of gameplay.

Dynasty Warriors will live for ever as long as people continue to buy it lol. I stopped playing it after the second one.

I haven’t bought one since the first one for the 360 and that was a mistake. Last good one was for the PS2.

Haven’t played since Dynasty Warriors 2, must…resist…Hokuto…

Will buy.


Dynasty reached it’s pinnacle with DW3…after that it was just like “okay…stop…PLEASE!”

I actually enjoy the DW games so I’ll be picking this one up.

I’m actually less excited about this, and more excited about Troy Musou coming out.

Isn’t Lu Bu the strongest character in Dynasty Warriors 2. I remember the first one just being a fighting game, then after that they decided to go to where you fight a bunch of guys.

Lu Bu vs Raoh. GET TO IT KOEI!

lol! :rofl:

good lord dont let rock see this.

God i dunno what to say to this…One the one hand it’s Dynasty Warriors and none of those have been good…but on the other hand it’s HNK…ARRRRRRRRRRG

Apparently you’ve never played Warriors Orochi 2 before.

Ditto. Koei has a ton of games comin out next year.

100 way slash of the north star type of play?

Never bought a Dynasty Warriors game in my life, true story.

This will be a must buy.

Didn’t like that one either no.

As long as people still explode internally when being hit by almost any of Kenshiro’s repitoire of moves, then it’s all good.

The idea doesn’t sound totally farfetched, either.

Well, didn’t see that coming. Can’t really say I’m excited though, since it’s Dynasty Warriors.

How much longer till Code Geass: Dynasty Warriors?