Dynasty Warriors: Hokuto no Ken - Fist of the Northstar

If the game’s not an 18 and heads don’t explode into a spray of bubbling goo, then I’ll not be buying…

I…will certainly “obtain” it should it come to psp. That’s all. Every one I played seems like it was only worth about 10 bucks. Orochi was okay. They needed more exaggeration on the special weapon effects.

Ppf. Call me when they make Dynasty Warriors Kart. Lu Bu + Blue Turtle Shell = OMFG BULLSHIT RAGEQUIT

-head explodes out of sheer awesomess-

I will totally get this

but srsly stop making these for half a second and make another gitaroo man game

Will be bought…if it comes to the US.

Meh…never played past the second Dynasty Warriors game. If I want my North Star fix…I’ll just play the fighting game on PS2 lol.

It will be rented if it comes to the U.S.

WO2 is my favorite in the series. I just wish that they decide to continue and enhance the gameplay that was introduced in WO1 and WO2… along with improving the AI some more.

This could be VERY awesome, if done right.

Though, part of me wonders why they weren’t a lil more “adventurous” and choose Souten no Ken instead.

The basic storyline of SnK is one that revolves around the 3 branches of the Hokuto lineage stemming from China, based on the Wu, Shu and Wei familes from the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms. :rofl:

They should have done something like that. SnK has YET to have a game adaptation yet, and some thing ELSE based on the 3 Kingdoms would have been RIGHT UP Koei’s alley! :wgrin:

Will be buying this shit ASAP. I’m as big an idiot about DW games as Football fans are about DAT MADDEN! That’s why I don’t give them a truckload of shit about “Buying the same game year after year yada yada.” It will be interresting to see how they play it out though. Personally, I could use some Hokuto No Ken Anime on the screen too while they’re at it. Cartoons just ain’t what they used to be IMO and I am NOT saving up cash to see any pokemon or any of the various ripoffs thereof. :tdown:


This’ll be my first DW just becase it’s HNK related but as far as characters go I expect the following to be playable besides Kenshro, Fudo, Shu, Mr. Heart, Souther/Thouther, Raoh/Ken-Oh (obviously), Shin, Jagi, Mamiya, that G.I Joe lookin’ guy, the giant dude wearing a wolf pelt, Juda/Yuda, Toki, Rei, Bart (with a gun) etc… make it happen Koei :tup:

Personally, I’m hoping this may be a joint project between Omega Force and Team Ninja, alike.

Team Ninja involvement would do a lot to insure a) a much more robust battle system and b) possibly some of dat good red-stuff flying around. :wgrin:

I mean, I’m not that much of a bloodhound, but really, man giblets flying around and heads popping was all a part of why HnK is what it is. I’m at LEAST expecting NG Sigma 2 level of violence. Ninja Gaiden Black would be preferable.

I just thought about it…Full Screen Ken-Oh Glowing Fists??? I’m in!!!

Say your goodbyes lard ass, because you’ve already bought the game. Eehhaaahhhh!!!

This game has to be M-rated and stick with the source material. If its T, then I won’t be playing it at all.

kenshiro musou is obivously [media=youtube]Mz3jYkZMqqA&feature=related"[/media]

Sigma 2 barely has any blood, so i wouldn’t expect any of that if they took over.


Fuck Toei. Pieces of shit know a nigga gotta buy this game

It’s Koei…:smokin: