Dynastygamers.com Questionable Tourny


is anyone from SRK signed up for this? they were sendin the link out to marvel players on Xbox Live with the promise of 1600-3200 microsoft points to top placers.

Marvel vs Capcom Registration - Dynasty Gamers

im in the pools for today and played my match earlier and the shit was pretty ugly. im beatin my opponent easy then after the match the ref dude (xbox Account- Dynasty Gamers) says i get a DQ that game for ‘spamming’ and i have to play another game to win now. haha, its hard to argue over the internet so i just played the next one anyway.

i recorded the matches on a DVD recorder, and i could record the voice messages the ref was sending me, they are pretty funny.

if your in the pools for tomorrow or the next day watch out, these fools dont know shit about marvel. at least the ref, the dude i was playin actually had a solid mag/cable. GG to WeaponAmill (who isnt even in my pools but we played somehow)


I like how on the thread they said they had problems finding ppl to play b/c ppl mostly “play mvc2 for fun” and not forreals.

Good luck getting that fight money. Just play sent/sent/sent w/o using assist; I think that’s w/i the rules. :lol:


haha I think I got that message too but promptly deleted it. I’m sure if I picked my top tier team I’d be “DQed” from every match LOL. lol “spamming”


Dynasty gamers responds on registration tread <-----
^^^^ ^^^^

ya im kinda tippy toein in this tourny, i start off with a straight low tier team no matter who they pick, cuz if i just run storm/sent dude is gonna dq me before he even sees me play. so if they beat that then i run lowtier/storm/sent (tricks ref lol), safe DHC low tier out into S/S/aa and you know the rest

regardless of how corny the tourny is its pretty fun, theres some hard cable cheesin goin down, apparently thats not spammin but guile AA is. hahaa.


lol holy fuck that website is a fucking joke.

Its like a bunch of scrubs got together and made a website with their own rules. Basically every rule they’ve applied is a scrub complaint and good players get around it.

lol @ winning EVO and only being paid 24 dollars. A referee calling the game to make sure nothing “cheap” is going on and guess what, the ref doesn’t even know how the game works! lol and they’re calling that shit legit wow…

they also said some shit about well, we’re not EVO, we have quality players here cause our players pick different teams.

I so wanna beat this kids fucking head in.


since, for the sake of your retinas, you prolly dont wanna read that white text on black background. heres some highlights from their responses lol

“Also we don’t bother typing the obvious rules out because once again we hope everyone knows its a fighting game” (what?lol)

“While we do apologize for not putting down the small but necessary rules we were hoping everyone knew we are just looking for quality matches unlike evo…”

"We have seen it all and so far aside from few players who don’t play with MSP teams not many players are able to win with a good ol fashioned team. "

hopefully i get to the finals without gettin DQ’d for playing with a stick haha.


“Toraw1 and rappleross are 2 great players and we are looking to sponsor them for MVC3 not part 2. Part 2 is too far gone and too late. Both players have shown outstanding combos almost never before seen by many and MVC3 has a heavy punishment on players who get caught with there assist out. The game features a feature which we like to call an infinite’s infinite. This allows a player to link together combos in air or by bouncing them off the ground to start the combo over as tested by death bon3 in the beta version sent to him and us. Toraw1 and rappleross is only the beginning and we hope to see many more eye opener combos but they have been selected however are not sponsored as of yet.”


Ya, I’m sure Capcom sent you and your 2 unsponsored players the beta of the game. Actually, that kinda makes sense given the changes in the game engine… zing.

And seeing as they apparently sent out review copies to randoms who claimed to be vg journalists, who knows/



DynastyG’s xbox message to remaining players, upcoming tourny with big prizes (lol, sign up if you wanna get dq’d for winning. winners have already been determined, yes even before sign ups LOL), and a bonus shoutout to SRK members.

he decided to put the whole tourny on hold for a month, seems like a big opportunity to mix up the dates and DQ the people who are about to beat his buddys. this whole tourny to me kinda feels like a way for them to promote their own players. (rappleross, ranmadu, w/e)

i am about to upload the match where i got DQ’d and the refs messages to me, stay tuned.



the match i got DQ for spamming, had to play another to win. im still undefeated in the tourny tho, pretty sure its single elim