e-Arcade Stick 2? | Where to order Saulabi in Europe?

Hello, I hope these questions don’t belong in the Noob-Thread, but after using the search function I couldn’t find an answer, so I’ll make a new thread.
I’m trying to decide on a arcade stick for my PC, but I don’t want to spend too much money for it.
I almost decided to buy the standard SFIV FightStick, but user opinions aren’t that good and I’d still have to pay at least 87$/68 to get it in my country.

  1. I’ve found a stick called “e-Arcade Stick 2 Soft Touch” from e-best (http://www.ebest-game.com/computer_sticks.html). It should be PC compatible and is quite big: 250x350x600mm - 1950g. Suggested price is/was 77$/59,95. It’s a lot cheaper now - I could get it for 24$/18,42 (incl. shipping). Seems very cheap to me, but can this thing be considered as an alternative to the SFIV FightStick? Sadly, I can’t find any reviews for this thing anywhere.

  2. Are there any better sticks in the price segment of the standard SFIV FightingStick (for PC)? I’ve only found the “Saulabi 4K Arcade Stick” to be good, but Play-Asia seems to be the only one having them. Shipping only would be around 50$/40 to Europe which is a bit too much. Is there any shop selling these in Europe or even Germany?

Search for the Shadowblade.

It’s garbage. Get a Hori or better yet, a MadCatz if you can get one.

(or happ custom/MAS if that’s your speed)

It looks like a toy, even for a joystick. I would pass on this one.

Thanks, after searching for “Shadowblade”, I’ve found a lot of reviews. It seems to be a really bad stick.

The Saulabi used to be sold really cheap on pearl.de, but I’ve just checked and it’s not the case anymore :frowning: A shame for you as it’s a very moddable stick and you seem to be german.

Yeah, I’ve found the old page of this stick on the Pearl website. Too bad it’s sold out. On the other hand: I’ve also found a rather bad review for this stick (I think it wasn’t an original Saulabi stick anyway - or was it?)