E-Clip Size for Sanwa JLF Sticks?


Does anyone know the size of the E-Clip on the Sanwa JLF sticks? I was trying to fix my stick and the E-Clip was lost. I want to get another one at the hardware store but I don’t know the size.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


i bought new e clips for my ls32. it was 3/8 that fit well, and the size below it is identical to the jlf jsut just go one size smaller

crap it may have been 3/16 in any event those are way too big for jlf u will see wot size is correct immediately

The good news about e-clips on LS-32’s is that after they’re put on the first time, they’re easy to pull off (again, small flathead screwdriver) and even easier to put back on again!

Seriously, second time I put an e-clip on my main LS-32 it slid on fine. Didn’t even have to use a blanket or towel to protect my fingers!

(Of course, putting the 3/8" E-clip back on was made easier recently by the fact that I decided to reduce stick tension on the LS-32. Took off half a spring I had on and tension-wise it now feels like a modded JLF! Spring tension is held on now by a spring-and-a-half LS-32 springs…)

As for JLF… E-clips NEVER go on that smoothly on those sticks, increased or decreased tension! Billion times removing and putting them back, it’s always difficult to put that small E-clip back on that stick! I’ve always had to use thick fabric to force the E-clip back on – don’t want to gouge and hurt my fingers.

P.S. – I’ve never lost an E-clip except for one unfortunate bending incident during an LS-32 installation. It helps to have a floor with nice light-colored carpeting to contrast against fallen hardware!