E-Garage Sale / Arcade Parts / Xbox 360 Stuff / PS3 Stuff / Nintendo Stuff / Randoms

Half of this is hi5ive’s stuff, so make sure to +1 the right person!

Arcade Parts
1 Toodles Cthulhu for PC/PS3 - Never used i want a multi console one instead - 30$
6 Yellow Namco Buttons - Used works perfectly - 15$
1 Sky Blue Seimitsu Balltop 30mm - LizardLicks gave me an extra - 3$
1 White Sanwa Balltop 35mm - Took it off my TE - 3$
1 Yellow Namco Balltop 35mm(I Think) - Took it of my Namco - 3$
Xbox 360 Stuff**
Xbox 360 Wireless G Adapter - Used once to test - 60$
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - Played a lot but nothing wrong - 30$
Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger - Played for about 10 hrs - 10$ (meus)
Soul Calibur 4 - Also Barely Touched - 15$
King of Fighters 12 - 1 Frame links = to hard, almost never touched - 15$
Final Fantasy 13 - Mint - 40$

  • Adapter
  • BBCT
  • SC4


PS3 Stuff
Call of Duty World at War - Barely Touched - 20$
Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger - Very good condition - 15$

  • WaW

Nintendo Stuff
Luigi’s Mansion - Used…My childhood - 15$

  • Luigi’s Mansion

Nvidia 9800gt - Fan is broken should work, new is like 100+ i failed switching it and the fan broke - 50$
Nvdia 200gts - I think it was that model Bought it with my pre built computer with no fan on the card Runs WoW at 40-50 frames - 10$ (pending)
Silver PSP 2000 for, Comes with an official sony case - Mint - 75

What i will be willing to trade for
Multi Console Cthulhu
Sanwa Seimetsu adapters (I want a lot)
Gamecube Memory cards (1)
Mounting plate for jlf
wiring harness for jlf
White TE Bezel and/or white dust cover+ white shaft cover

all prices are SHIPPED so far to only Canada and the US
Prices are in US

2 GameCube Controller PCB’s
Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
Call Of Duty World at War 360
Kaiser Guitar Capo
1 Sanwa Square Gate
1 Yellow Sanwa Meshball + 1 White Sanwa Balltop
1 PS3 Sixaxis pcb with the membrane
Nintendo Ds (Oldest one) with charger and Metroid Prime First Hunt
Pokemon Soul Silver with the Pokewalker
Call of Duty World at War
Dlink and Linksys router to Digital Master
MGS and LBP to jugei

I wonder how to change the title to make it ps3 friendly…i forgot.

e-garage ftw.

Pm’d about, Both Game Cube Pcb’s, and Sky Blue BallTop.


Gamecube pcbs Sold
will ship today or day after

Added a PS3 Sixaxis pcb with the membrane

Also added a trade section.
Xbox 360 Wireless G adapter dropped from 70$ to 65$


I’ll take that sixaxis PCB if it’s still available. PM sent.

Sadly it got sold. about 3 minutes before u asked !

:qcf:+PM’d before me. :china:

It’s cool man. :bgrin:
Good luck with your sale.

I didn’t see anything else on the list I was interested in. Thanks though!
If anything changes with it I’ll hold my place in line. For the yellow mesh ball too.

Lol nothing! else!?
alright no worries if alphakenny backs out ur next!

Pics up! Looking good :slight_smile:

Pics added.

Just want to make sure, The Capo is $10 shipped, to So Cal?

Yep. PM me since the Capo is mine.


Capo on hold.


You have a deal! PM back.

if you have the rj-45 jack? is it neutrik’s…mind if i ask. I have the boots for that particular jack.