E. Honda as starter?

Hi, been play street fighter for a while now but never really got serious about it. Never really learned combos, links, chains, and cancels etc. Although i do own a TE stick. Anyway I’ve always played Ryu but was thinking of changing and I really like Honda. So I would like to know peoples views on someone using Honda as their first real main.


if you like honda then play him

I just wanted to know wehter he was beginner friendly or not. I don’t want to jump straight into the deep end.

Even if he wasn’t I would say pick him anyway. The whole picking a certain character when you are a beginner, than changing as you get advanced is a waste of time.

Alright thanks. Any specific things that i should get down first? Im guessing execution and then combos and shit.

Reading the Honda threads for more character-specifics.
Know your situational normals as well. possibly more important at a beginner level.

Agreed, I jumped straight into SSFIV basically from Tatsunoko vs Capcom and before that…SFII on the SNES, and picked Ibuki and Juri. Not exactly the easiest characters to use and I’ve been told not the best for a beginner. Didn’t matter to me one bit, I still play both characters and love them.

I would recommend Honda though, he has great health and damage output. Some pretty good normals and for the most part nothing difficult to grasp for a beginner. Get those piano fingers ready, your gonna need em!

i disagree with using an advanced charecter, most noobs pick an advanced charecter and then use him for awhile, but then realize they can’t win with him to often so they just change charecters anyways… The people who disagree with me are prob people who played some fighting games or third strike before this game, so they can learn the harder charecters fast enough, you will not even try to learn the propper e.honda anyways, u will prob just learn how to drop ur ass on people over and over.

E.honda is a pretty hard guy to use, do to his bnb which is heavy quick handy moves lol into heavy kick, and im not sure how hard it is to master that move, but im pretty sure u need a fight stick to do it easier.

Well, giving up before you give the character a proper go is a rather defeatist attitude. Not all people are like that, some people have a determined personality. Also how do you know I wont try to learn the “Proper Honda”? I own a TE stick as I said in my first post. So I’m not worried about anything like HHS that just takes practice.

Eh take his comments with some salt. You’ll be fine with a dedicated attitude that is always looking for improvement. Good luck.

I think Honda is an okay character to start out with but you need to be aware of some things and be able to do ONE execution intensive thing.

You can play Honda without cr. jab xx fierce hands… but you really are shooting yourself in the foot if you can’t do this. There is the slide method and piano method to do this, I use the piano method but slide is easier initially probably. To piano it press jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce (or any order with jab first fierce last… do whatever feels most natural to you). To piano it use two fingers (so that it hurts less) and slide them from jab to strong, then back to jab, then slide them across jab–> strong --> fierce. You have to do this quite quickly for it to come out.

This combo does tons of damage on hit, and you can link a standing roundhouse after it, you can also cancel the hands into super for like 550 damage. On block it does shitloads of chip damage and builds you meter. You can also FADC this and ochio or punish a backdash if they try to avoid the throw.

Aside from that, one of Honda’s weaknesses is that he doesn’t have an incredibly solid meterless anti-air, but EX headbutt is an insanely good anti-air that requires meter. You can use standing fierce, the chop move, but you have to get it out really early for it to work. He has other anti-airs like neutral jump fierce and jump back fierce, but they require specific spacing and timing to anti-air with, they are not all purpose like EX headbutt.

His pokes are generally quite good and he does really high damage on everything, but his walk speed. backdash, and focus attack are terrible. He has really good jumping attacks, but as a new player this can turn into a liability because you might not learn a solid ground game.

I personally find Honda to be really fun to use, but in some matchups you will be forced to sit on a life lead which many people find boring.

thanks a lot for that input. For the HHS I’m finding jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce comes very natural to my fingers. Oh and one other question sorry if it’s scrubby but with that method for hands is it always supposed to hit after the cr.jab?

argh! jab, strong, fierce, jab, fierce hurts my brain!
i go with jab, fierce, jab, strong, fierce… but its all comfort no right way to do it.

I’ll add a bit about EX HB. Its very very safe-jumpable and as you start playing better folks, they are looking for it and will react accordingly to punish. Some shotos will even empty jump > srk to beat it. So use it wisely especially that Honda needs meter more than ever now.

You just gotta learn how to deal with projectile characters… neutral jump HP… learn the easy way to do the HHS…I use Honda and he is a good character to use

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Dude honda is the man. Learn how to combo off of hands and your half way there.

You have a TE, so if you can’t piano well, use slide, that is rolling your fingers in lp mp hp mp hp fashion, I find it way more easy and tires the fingers less if you are playing online. The downside is that sometimes is chaotic and you will get any str of hhs instead of always hp but if you miss a piano you usually get nothing or a bockable hhs so I prefer something safe to nothing in case of fail.

Anyway I got somehow far before learning hhs, the real trick of playing honda is not just mastering hhs, with dumb easy stuff like mk hb or jhp chp you will still deal more damage that most complex combos of other characters. The trick of honda is knowing how to open your opponent, actually the thing that makes cr lp hhs great is not the damage itself but that cr lp outpokes a lot of things and that even if your opponent blocks, you gain good meter, can fadc oicho or follow with a splash if he tries to jump away.

I’m terribad with honda since i’m using a pad and can’t do his BnB right. So i played him for like a few days and moved on (currently playing deejay)

here are two tutorial vids i found in the E.honda section of the srk forums, it seems that you haven’t tried looking there yet so i might as well link these too you

also to get past fireball spam you can try to use neutral jump fierce, while you are in that attack animation, for some reason your can shift yourself slightly to the left or right.

Play whoever you feel comfortable with, if this is Honda then use him. As Pherai said picking up an easier character then changing in the future is wasted time. Say if you did pick up someone like Ryu, then switched to Honda a month later, that’s a month of wasted time learning a character you have no interest in… and more importantly, time you could’ve spent learning Honda’s fundamentals, pokes, combos etc.

I definately disagree with this - it’s not wasted, since it can give you vital insights in to the matchup in the future. I played a while as Akuma before switching to Adon, and that has given me insights in to the match-up that mean I can feel what an Akuma might do in a situation, and react to that.

OP - go ahead and give characters a go - it’s worth trying a few of the cast to see who fits your playstyle. Honda’s a great character, and honestly, I’d say that in the full cast, only Gen is absurdly hard to get going with - anyone else can be learned with liberal amounts of application and practice! :slight_smile:

That’s not what he meant.
He meant when people pick up a character and then when they have to learn the “advanced stuff” about that character, then give up for an “easier” character.

If I’m already advanced with Akuma and decide to learn Cody, that’s not necessarily wasted time.