E.Honda has fallen on hard times

With rumours that Capcom aren’t paying him enough due to his dwindling popularity from his SF2 hayday, our rotund friend has turned to a life of crime to clear his crippling McDonalds debt.


the uk have sumo wrestlers?

We have Sumo wrestlers?

No russia has sumo wrestlers, unless Moscow has be dissasembled, shipped to the UK and then rebuilt without anyone noticing.

unfortunately, maxx is not being obtuse here
or he very well could be

and they said neigbouring… so maybe the sumo wrestler was from northern ireland

seriously though, that caption says russian money

I don’t live too far away from that Moscow actually, but I think the assertion that it was roubles he was stealing and the lack of any mention of Buckfast points towards it being good ole mother Russia. Further down it says “Police said both suspects were from a “neighbouring country” but were registered as living in the Moscow area.” Japan is a neighbouring country technically, so I’m still putting all the blame on Honda for now.

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