E. Honda note


I was checking out the frame data for some of the chars at a website. And I noticed that E. Honda has no normals under 4 frame. This data could be in correct… but wouldn’t that make Honda incredibly suspectable to tick throws? I mean outside of reversal supers and reversal belly flop move, he really can’t get out of it if the throw is timed right. So if my theory is correct. If you knock down honda and he has no meter (especially a lvl3, go for tick throws… he can’t do anything but jump away, which doesn’t work vs random cr FPs that go upward or do belly flop move… which is a free combo).

I someone like KCXJ or Buktooth, someone wiith frame data, and frame data knowledge verify my theory.


Is there a number of frames after your opponent has blocked an attack where you cannot input a throw?

Otherwise, theoretically, you could combine command throws with frame advantage moves to have 100% unescapable throws. So I think there are frames after blocking where you can’t immediately throw. I would like data on this.


you could be right… because I know that is the case in GGXX#R. I do know regular throws don’t come out until your opponent is out of blockstun. command throws i’m not sure what the deal is. someone should provide that info.


Command grabs on stunned opponents just whiff.

Also, Honda’s fastest move is likely his command grab. I wouldn’t tick anyone who’s game relies on ticking. Example, zangief and honda. Especially if it’s cpu zangief, you’re just asking for a SPD.


In a reversal situation you cannot be thrown for 6 frames… meaning, everybody can mash jabs to get out of a (non super/RC) tick throw. The timing might be difficult, but it’s always possible. ST this is not.


Thanks Mr Buktooth


I miss the good old days of sonic boom(blocked), walk forward, grab. And then wait for your opponent to scream out “FUUUUCK!!!”.