E. Honda Strategies and Matchups

Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

Other than that, try not to piss anyone off or start any flame wars.

How to RC a 360

Why do you want to know this? Because it’s dirty as hell and hard to get out of. Don’t expect a handshake after the match at a tournament. :rofl:

Since Honda has no HCF or QCF moves, you won’t have to worry about any other moves coming out when you try to RC. Okay, this is the way I do it. Start off by putting the stick at either forward or back and as you get to HCF/HCB and press roll. Then finish up the rest of the motion by pressing MP or HP. It’s one swift motion. Uh, make sure you can do a standing 360 before even trying to attempt this because it will just make it harder to learn. As the saying goes, “Learn how to walk before you run”.

people think C-honda is the best, but i think any groove that has a roll is equal for honda. so i’d say the groove rankings go C/A/N (3 way tie), P/K (2 way tie), S.

thanks for the RC 360 help, i’ll try that out tomorrow.

DON’T FORGET ABOUT STANDING FIERCE AS AA. if you don’t have your charge, standing fierce is just as effective if not better at certain angles. and stupid attempts to crossup honda get your opponent slapped out of the air real quick.


I actually think C-Honda is the best because of the 5% power boost in C and uber fast meter building to get easy access to his 720 super. The 720 super is probably the only super that’s a guaranteed hit unless you get lucky and actually get to use the headbutt super. And another thing C has that N doesn’t is dash. You can mix Honda’s dash up with either RC hands or RC throw.

About the s.HP as an AA, it’s really good when you don’t have charge and you’re getting rushed. Another use for it is when you whiff an RC throw and your oppenent jumps straight up, you’ll recover fast enough that you can smack them with a s.HP as they come down.

Tick s.LP into 720 super is too good. You gotta give a sadistic laugh if you ever land it. It’s not too hard once you get used to the motion. Reset, and RC throw them some more. Honda is so evil. :rofl:

RC 360 could very well be THE gayest thing in cvs2. too broken.

Oh, and it is! I’ll post more crap after NCR3. I got a BUNCH of setups for 360/720 cheapness. I want to test it out in real tourney play first. :karate:

Let’s just say I got tired of getting shosho’ed to death in K-Groove and P-Groove. :tdown:

i look forward to your tick setups. see if there are any that i don’t use already…

and i think C/A/N honda’s all have their own perks that make them each equal. you noted C-honda’s (don’t forget about roll super!) attributes, and A has guaranteed CC setups after you hit RC hands in the corner if they tried to jump away, roll CC, and other stupid stuff. N has run (which is surprisingly effective considering you can run up and do the standing jab, 50/50 mixup after a knockdown) and low jump RH. counter roll also helps more than you’d think. N-groove honda is fucking beastly:clap:

Thank you for being one of the only other people on this board I can rely on that don’t use theory fighter as a substitute for real strategy. :clap:

I actually used K Honda before and he wasn’t bad. He’s nothing like C Honda but still good. JD helps sometimes. Raged 720 = badass. Here’re the ways I like to get my 720s in. Empty jump works but your opponent will smarten up. Wake up 720s are good too. I wonder if cross up -> 720 works…probably not. I bet it pushes you away or something gay like that =(. Oh and if your raged, just handslap and GC those bitches =)! Cr.fierce is a good normal and s.fierce is nice anti air. charge down up is a good overhead (I think lk version is best right?).

Do you guys know how fast 720 super comes out? I heard that Zangief’s 720 come’s out at 0 frames…literally after the super screen is seen, there’s no way getting out of it if your close.

Is Honda like this, immediate super?

yes… u cant see it and then jump out of it if you’re close… just like zangief and just like raging demon, etc etc…

N-groove is best. Lowjump roundhouse makes up for unsafe splash.

I don’t know about that. Zangief’s I agree. However Raging demon is not the same unless you are in closest possible throw range. Most people can see the demon coming AFTER the super flash. Just curius.

most ppl that use Akuma can use activate -> raging demon. I’m not one of them but i’m close haha. I’m not as fast as those pros with the RD but I’m alright.

you can’t jump out of gief’s 720 after the flash started, so if you were grounded when the super started, you’re going to eat it.

one thing i really don’t like about N-Honda is the inability to dash, rc hands. That thing zones like mad! i could be almost full screen away, dash forward, rc hands to hit you out of something, or at worse, rc hands AGAIN after the first one to cover the entire screen.

I dunno if this has been noted, but you should always RC the :mp: version of hands, since if you get 4 hits, you can link cr.FP for good damage, and mixups on wake up.

-to solve the inability to dash into RC hands, i just do crouching short, RC hands. takes some practice and quick fingers, but it makes honda that more broken (and blanka too). then the crazy mind game of just doing a crouching short come in, then you bait their roll, jump in, etc., and punish accordingly. honda gayness.

-RC fierce hands have more range but less hits. RC mp hands can only link into the crouching fierce if you’re at point blank range, and it’s a 1 frame link. RC mp hands are also good if you’re playing a P-groover. once you see their jump-in, whiff a crouching short, and go buck wild with RC mp hands and mash. good luck parrying all that and then punishing. but don’t ONLY use RC mp hands, mix it up depending on the situation.


Hondas best move is the roll. You’ll roll more than anything else. Other than sitting in crouch block. Crouching forward can supercancel on the 2nd hit and it sets up RC really easy.

Standing fierce is so good. One of the best antiairs in the game.

Superjump RH is really nice. Honda could never move like this before. jumping strong can hit at an angle above him in the air. jumping short dropkick can crossup, not just the forward splash. Anyways, I notice that RC 360 or the 720 super is great after just a plain crossup.

In close Honda is a Zangief character. Make them fear the grab, then sweep the (*&% out of them when you know they’re scared. Then when they fear that, back to grabbing, and the 720 is most available at this time.

Honda is ridiculously easy.

does zangie’s “you-can’t-escap-after-the-flash-started” apply to all variants of the super (i.e. lvl 1, 2 and 3)

360 & 720

I’m new to using E Honda and am having lots of trouble pulling off his 360 special move and the 720 super move.

I either end up jumping backwards instead of doing the special/super. And the only way I can pull off the super is by doing it in the air and landing/finishing.

Can someone tell me how to perform these the right way?


(off topic)I say this,Turbo E.honda Owns A.E. Especially with autofire:devil:
Or jump in splash, Grab, I forgot its not even a 360 in turbo
its a half circle, and it has the Zangief P.D. range at that.I wonder why they would make the grab difficult to do in later games when it loses the P.D. range?

In CvS2/Alpha 3 Jump in with late {down Fk}, do the 360/720 when you land. thats how I usually do it.