E.Honda Tips and Tricks Video

I got inspired by Norieaga and Decoys’ tutorial vids so I tried to contribute and throw a Honda one out there with a few of his tricks. It’s aimed more for mid level players that have the basics down. Nothing groundbreaking, just a few things I don’t see enough Honda players taking advantage of enough. Like Norieaga I don’t know how many people will get much use out of it with HDR numbers being down (though it all also applies to ST, I just don’t have a way of recording any pure ST matches, though a lot of the footage I used did come from Classic mode matches). The safe jump stuff is kinda universal but I think safe jump mix ups are so important to Honda’s game, especially in his bad match-ups where he needs to get pressure off a knockdown, that I had to include it.


Neat tricks. Good background music too. Millertime greatly appreciates these types of tutorials, since she’s always looking for interesting mix-ups and variations to her offense to land damage. I didn’t know about that nj.lk to tick throw bison, or that HK buttslam crosses up after the fierce grab in the corner.


But I am a little sad that these secrets are finally being let out of the bag lol.

Good shit. Makes you realise how little you know about your own character lol

Nice video Possum!

Thanks everybody.

Ya, using nj. lk does two things, allows you to space yourself so he can’t reversal throw (but you can still throw him) and stops him from using Devil Reverse to get away in HDR, since DR still loses to airborne attacks. It works great on wake up against Bison for same reasons, makes it almost impossible for him to avoid getting thrown (unless he has super).

As for MK/HK Sumo Smashes crossing up in the corner, whether they cross up depends on a couple of things, some characters are almost impossible to cross up (like Sagat), and the timing on the SS. You have to do it pretty much the very second they come out of the grab.

Studtrooper - don’t worry, I didn’t show all the tricks we Sumos have up our sleaves, LOL. Besides, not very many people check out HDR vidoes anymore (and the ST purists won’t watch it because all the footage is HDR and HDR Classic, since it wasn’t done on pure ST it doesn’t really count, LOL).

I find the timing so tight for the crossup buttslam, I almost have to guess when they will be released, hah

Yeah, it’s pretty tough. I typically get them when the opponent isn’t mashing (like when they are charging instead).

It’s pretty easy if they don’t mash, it’s if they mash out early where it’s tough to time it early enough. Also it’s usually easier time the HK one to cross up than the MK one, the MK one you have to be dead on your timing and spacing to get it to cross up. The advantage to using the MK one, though, (on the characters it actually works against) is that it crosses up much faster and is much harder to react to. The HK Sumo smash’s high arc is easier for them to read.

mad possum (E. Honda) vs left4feds (M. Bison) SSF2THDR <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-hA0Tjfzq4<br><br>E. Honda 64 game winning streak: (games 37 to 64)<br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t26qV0Rs5hQ