E honda training mode tips

hi, I,m a new e honda player and am looking for tips on things to work on in training mode. I practice pianoing HHS alot but what else should I be doing. I also seem to be getting jumped in on for free, every time I use standing fierce it gets stuffed. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Only thing i use training mode for is ex hands combos lol, st hp is hard to use as AA and takes practice, keep trying and the timing will get easier.

do it earlier
other things I practise = anti airing with ultra and lp headbutt, ex hands combos, and ultraing fireballs

if you’re within jump-in range for your opponent you can look for it and stuff him with a neutral jump FP. Also if you see it early enough you can walk towards and get a close standing FP. sometimes a late jump-away MP can work too. Ex-headbutt if you have charge and the meter to spare else it’s a lp-headbutt.

I think the best thing any player can do no matter who you’re playing is to put the dummy on random guard then Go about it. Practice your hit confirms into HHS or Headbutts.

Jump in, do your block string, stagger your block string, walk back… walk forward poke. did your cr.lp poke land? did you cancel it into HHS on reaction? No? why not. -_-

where is the training dummy on screen? if you’re almost to the corner make sure you combo into headbutt to push your opponent towards it.

Random guard is awesome and help you build reactions to hit-confirms. Record the dummy doing a shoryuken. Sweep him for a hard knockdown. jump-in cross up - start a block string, did you get SRK’d out of it? did one of the hits go through (remember, random guard)? did you punish?

Just have fun and fuck around with it.