E. Honda vs N groove

Basically as topic suggests. I have been bored and messing with N groove. The main thing that hurts me in N groove in RC Honda. How do you fight this homo in N groove… outside of picking Vega or Hibiki? My team is N Iori/ChunLi/Sagat.

Thanks in advance.

Bait the headbutt from the right distance, small jump over him and combo him when he lands. Or, bait it, jump backwards when it comes out and hit him in the legs.
Roll behind him to get him to lose his charge, and see what he does.
Never jump in.
When he doesn’t have a charge, pressure him, and try to get him to jump, or bait another headbutt.

sup cheese_master, you coming to the cleveland tourney? then i’ll be able to show you i am pretty good (on my agetec).

anyway, Nick T hit it on the head. i think i read this in buk’s N-iori FAQ, so read that- let the headbutt hit, then counter roll forward into the scum gale. you’ll probably catch honda off guard so the grab will connect. that’ll swith the momentum of the matchup, then play your in close games with iori.

otherwise, just play midscreen, then randomly superjump backwards and kick him in the head when he headbutts. that way, his invulnerability is gone leaving him open.


dont forget our match at evo “champ”

I don’t think trying to cross-up honda, or even (blanka, guile, bison,…) with a roll is such a great idea. If they do have a charge, and you cross-up, it results in you getting hit by the same charge move you’re trying to avoid. If I have blanka and I try to grab your roll by holding my direction and mashing fierce, I get blanka ball. To grab you, I need to do the motion for a blanka ball. In other words, once you roll through, I change directions and then can mash grabs. If I see you rolling, I’m going to try the grab, since it works 100%. Either you grab in time, or blanka ball if you’re too late, hitting their roll recovery.

All that to say, don’t roll through a charge character expecting them to lose their charge.

wtf…n-groove? get a stock and counter-roll into combo


Sup… I dunno if I am going to that tournament. It really depends on whether I get good tickets for Evo. If I get tickets for that… I am not going to Cleveland and saving up for Evo. If I don’t get cheap tickets and don’t go to Evo… I’ll go to Cleveland.

And yea I was playing badly at MWCs. I also learned alot more on Sagat vs Sagat and Sagat vs A Blanka and Rolento vs everyone. I was also executing like shit… but it was fun cuz of a shitload of good players.

to everyone for N groove advice… thanks… although I just started N groove and I did not know you can Counter roll a headbutt and get a guarenteed combo… i must be doing it wrong cuz I get blocked.

There are a couple of things you can do. If you are playing against a newbie, then just cross over with short jump attack or with a regular jump attack. You can also use the counter roll and do a combo. I like to moreso stick with K-groove in this game though. Not because I cannot play the other grooves, but because some people just like to turtle and do nothing, so I can run in and do a just defend when I perform a super jump against my opponent. Don’t do that against experts though[Like Daigo, Ino, John Choi]. They will want you to do that so that you they can throw a variation of attacks. After that, you just gotta pray to God that they mess up during one of the several attacks that you gotta just defend. But since you are using N-Groove, just do what I said and it should be cool.