E-mail/instant messaging spam from my Hotmail account

This isn’t about getting junk mail or whatever. That I can deal with.

Months ago I started getting weird instant messages from my sister with spam. They were sent while I was offline and I would get them later. I told her about it and she said that people on her list would get spam emails from her account, sent to multiple people at once. For some reason that e-mail thing also happened to me yesterday. Lots of people on my list received spam from my account, and there was no evidence of this in the “sent” folder. I would never have known if I hadn’t received automated replies from the system saying that some people couldn’t receive it.

I did a Malwarebytes scan about a week ago and nothing turned up. My sister and I use different computers, but we do share the same wireless network. Can that have something to do with it?

What’s the best course of action here? Change password for that account (I’ve already done this btw)? Make a new email account and scrap the screwy one? Reformat computer?


Edit: Just to be clear, I don’t mean my SRK account. It’s a Hotmail account (to the surprise of nobody, I bet). Edited the title too so as not to mislead anyone.

Nothing to do with the wireless network.

Did you enter in your username/password for this account somewhere that you probably shouldn’t have? There are sites that phish for this information, offering to add features or whatever, like glittering text, or showing you who has you in their contact list, or whatever. I’ve even see one that ‘looks’ like a messenger application that pops-up from the bottom of the screen, but it’s actually a web page trying to get you to “log in” so they can steal your info.

Since you’ve scanned with MBAM already and found nothing, it’s unlikely to be malware, but always make sure you have the most up-to-date definitions, and do a full scan from Safe Mode to be 100% sure.

Most likely just by changing your password this nonsense should stop though.