E-mails for Thread Reply Notification?

I don’t get the Thread Reply Notification e-mails from this forum. I got these e-mails just fine:

Action Required to Activate Membership for Shoryuken
Welcome to Shoryuken!
New Private Message at Shoryuken

But I never get the e-mails for the threads. In my CP, the Default Thread Subcription Mode option is set to Instant e-mail notification and I looked in my Bulk/Spam box in my e-mail as well, but I don’t see the thread e-mails anywhere.

It’s not a big deal, because I just put the Subscribed Threads link in My Favorites. But I’m very curious about this nevertheless.

I’m not getting the thread subscription emails either.


They are turned off globally, since the forum auto-subscribes you when you post in any thread, srk sent out a ton of email for every forum post.

It’s possible that in the future this feature will be re-enabled, if it can be setup properly.

Ah, I see. Yes, that many outgoing e-mails would be a problem.

My 2 suggestions:

1.) Disable the Instant e-mail notification option.


2.) Use phpBB’s style of e-mail notification. You recieve only one e-mail from the thread until the next time you actually look at the thread rather than recieve a new e-mail everytime the thread is posted in.