E.Ryu Jab -> Sweep Link

anyone know the frame data on E.Ryu’s jabs or his sweep?

I’m only asking because I want to know why his jab, sweep link is waaaay easier than with Akuma.

It’s because you suck. Admit it.

That’s it. When I pick akuma, I start drooling and rocking back and forth for some reason. “AGooma… hehe, >drool<, hehe, AGooOOMa… hehe >drool<”

Akuma’s is a 1-frame link, Evil Ryu’s can’t be. It’s just too easy. I screw up Akuma’s sometimes, but E.Ryu’s is a joke.

No, you’re a joke… and you still suck.

oh yeah!!? It’s ON!!!111

First one to win 10! Loser buys the winner a half-case of beer!

Actually, maybe you should buy it before we play, then you might have a chance eh?