E.Ryu Tatsu to sweep now works on more characters



I don’t know if he can do it on the same characters as Akuma, but I have tested and confirmed the following characters: Fei Long, Guy, Guile, Seth and C.Viper


I keep seeing people say that he can tatsu into sweep now, but i can’t find any info anywhere on the setups to do after the sweep… Also im pretty sure he can sweep all the same characters that akuma can. Now please tell me what are the setups?!


I don’t believe I’ve seen any safe jump setups after a sweep. you can get the normal ambigous high low left right jump ins but DWU will ruin all of those anyway making the sweep option less favorable. personally id rather do a kara lp dp after tatsu and then if they quick getup you get a safe jump vs 4f reversals or you can tatsu over them and its pretty much safe vs 3f+


There’s not enough time to whiff an attack after you sweep.

Try and find your own stuff. All I got is vs. Cammy, and it worked in 2012, too. Do axe kick bnb into sweep. Walk forward(2 frames maybe? I think I walk just a little longer than walk back, whiff s.mp after throw), j.lk. If she does her cannon strike really late, you’ll get hit. If she reversals she will whiff or you will hit her out of it while she’s still on the ground and you’re able to do a full combo. Not sure if it’s different versions of cannon spike or if the setup just isn’t realiable, but it’s like 50/50. I pick U1 in this match so she can’t just whiff cannon spikes for free. Whiff or combo I’ll get my 400 dmg.


What’s the benefit to the kara lp Shoryu? And also what’s the input