E.Ryu vs. Akuma MU Comparison?



I just started on ultra a few weeks ago, and i was curious if i should continue to play E.Ryu because i began to lean towards him more-so than akuma in Ultra, and vice-versa in AE. As an ibuki main, I am curious that minus Akuma’s so-called “vortex” is he a better character than E.Ryu with the nerfs/buffs? I need to know coming from someone whom has playing Ultra longer/more frequently than me. Talking in matchups and damage along with comboability, whom is the better character?


Personally I think he is better. He has better mix-ups, espace options, and faster normals. Right now Evil players are getting away with murder because people are walking into low forwards, but in a few months when people get use it, it’s going to be a struggle to get in.
Akuma’s fierce buff was pretty good, plus he still has the ultra demon which does hella damage, and those damn air fireballs, so I put him higher than Evil.


They’re both different characters, but when you really look at Evil Ryu currently in terms of matchups, he’s the best Shoto right now. But he’s still a shoto. Even though people are walking into low forwards and eating hopkicks in almost every scenario possible, Evil Ryu’s walk speed, zoning, and damage potential is what also carries him. Low forward is a strong tool no matter the scenario, I wouldn’t call getting tagged by low forward murder because the Evil Ryu player sets the opponent up to get tagged by it. Besides, low forward out ranges so many characters, you can’t really blame people for walking into it.

When playing a Shoto or any character, just pick whatever suits you honestly. Akuma and Evil Ryu are two different characters. One is just generally faster with stronger extra zoning options while the other has slow normals, generic zoning but extremely high damage and stun potential.