E-Z Avatar Request

So I really like the artwork Falcoon did for the next issue of Arcadia, and I kind of want to make it my avatar. Is there anyone here who could assist me in achieving this goal? :slight_smile:

Here’s the pic: http://www.arcadiamagazine.com/images/arc-044p_cvr01.jpg

I don’t have to have everything in there if it won’t fit, just Ash (the dude in the pic) and his firey hand is fine. Black background for the avatar, of course, with “Shin Chiron” in small, bright white letters on the bottom right (or wherever it looks best).

Thanks in advance to whoever can fulfill my request.

I didn’t do small letters but I can fix that if you want…

Awesome. The letters’ll be fine, I think. Thanks a bunch. :smiley: