Top tier puppy

Off him, :wonder: cats are more than cooler than dogs IMO… dood.

I can kill a cat too, if you’d like.

A cat is fine too haha

" windy feeling to it."
haha we’ll at a beach atmosphere with some sandy texture to it too

you should pick the yun sprite you want

Stop all this senseless killings!!! Poor animals. :frowning:

How about a Raigeki Shuu into a broom. . . a non Yun fanboy av


i wonder how old that photo is

that puppys prolly dead by now anyway

That photo is one day old.

Forget Yun! You should have the puppy as your av.

Wait! I have this one!

Solid idea, if this doesn’t pull through.

Uber cool for the everyday Yun fanboy! Windy background and his regular colors.


Where’s the broomstick?

Amazing! Thanks!

Edit: Aw, I was gonna use it but it exceeds the maximum bandwidth.

well a puppy like that goes for $4.19 a pound, if no one gonna make you a avatar, i’ll paypal you some cash, if you know wut i mean…

oh well its prolly dead anyway

Sorry, I don’t do that anymore.