E3 2005: Final Fight Returns

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Anyway here is the link

Thats fucking awesome, I’m so glad Capcom is actually making a good looking new game. Now all they need to do is get back on the horse when it comes to fighting games.

Yes, its about time.

5 bucks says Cody is the last boss.

Hell yeah! It’s time to bust heads open in Metro City once again! To quote the immortal Haggar from GBA’s Final Fight One: “IT’S GO TIME!”

I’'ll see your five and raise you ten bucks if the final boss falls out of a window! :rofl:

I was excited until I started reading the article and realizing that the gameplay doesn’t seem to allow itself to any multiplayer aspect. If this game doesn’t support at least two player co-op, then fuck Capcom and this game.


I hope they put the original Final Fight characters as secret playable characters

I hope so too as No Sodom, No Rolento, No Haggar, No Guy, No Cody and No Maki = No sale. Hell I would take Carlos and that Cop chick from Final Fight 3 at this point.


  • Kyle Travers is allegedly Cody’s brother. Does this mean that we finally know Cody’s last name? Cody Travers?

  • Apparently, this will probably be only one player and that Kyle will be the only choice for a player. Boo. In order to get me to play this now, someone on SRK needs to make a vid of it to “Katamari on the Rock” (BTW, where did that vid go?)

  • I would expect that characters from the original Final Fight will make at least cameos. Or we’ll see Kyle eating chicken out of garbage cans…

  • Then again, this could be like SF3…

Before SF3: “LOL Capcom doesn’t know how to count to 3!” “I’m tired of the same game over and over again” “What slight upgrade did Capcom make this time?” (Note: Champion edition - 4 new charas + mirror matches, Turbo - higher speed + new moves for everyone, Super - 4 more new charas + improved grpahics & sound, ST - 1 new chara + super moves, none of those are slight at all)

SF3 Release: “Hey! Where’d my favorite character go? This game is lame, let’s go back to ST!”

Years after SF3: “This game rocks!” “Why didn’t anyone pay attention to this game?” “Capcom’s not making anymore Street Fighters? Capcom hates the fans LOL!” “There’s a Street Fighter THREE?”

  • Then again, this could be the new Capcom Fighting Jam too…

I’m so glad they’re bringing back a title I enjoyed which looks nothing like the title I enjoyed.

I STILL say Capcom needs to go back and do CVS2 Pro…and add Guy and Carlos…but it’s probably too late, due to the whole contract deal.

Not only fall out the window, but die from the impact which we won’t see.

Everyone knows the best Final Fight was Mighty Final Fight!

This looks like a bad PC game.

This looks like complete trash to me.

  1. Single Player Beat Em Up

  2. 3-D Graphics in a Beat Em Up, garbage.

Why didn’t they just release an Anniversary Collection of Final Fight with XBOX LIVE PLAY?

Take all the levels and characters from Final Fight, FF CD, FF2, and FF3, and give it 4 player mode on XBOX LIVE. Hell, Final Fight CD with XBOX LIVE would outsell “Final Fight: Streetwise.”

Garbage. Just plain garbage.

Yeah, this looks pretty stupid. And I love Final Fight. To bad.

more screens

The game looks like a sequel to that one sony fighter by eidos…Not a good thing.

Glowing veins…?!

watch the vid.

I’ll wait to hear further news if it is going to be a single or multi player game. If its single player, its disappointing and it DOES need to be a multiplayer game. All I’m asking is that maybe you can unlock FF 1, 2, and 3 if you beat the game or something. Hoping to see Sodom, Rolento and Guy.