E3 2010 Question and Answer Thread

Hello, Marvel 3 fans. A few SRK members will be on-site at E3 2010 to play report on Marvel vs Capcom 3. You can follow my live updates on my Twitter accounts @KeitsSRK.

If you have questions you’d like answered, leave them in this thread and ill have them checked periodically and do my best to get them answered. Other E3 attendees will also be stopping by to answer some of your questions.

One week!

Edit - PLEASE dont ask the same questions other people are asking. 12 of you asking how fast the game is wont make any question any more or less important. I will try to get to them all. E3 is not until next tuesday, as well, so be patient!

Furthermore, this is not a discussion thread. Ask questions or answer questions (if you are at E3) only. Take discussion to the General Discussion sticky thread please to avoid clutter and make the answers easier to find for people. Moderators (Chindogg and MegamanDS) will be deleting any post in this thread that is not a question or answer. No discussion in this thread!

  • How fast is the game?
  • Who is playable, and what impressions have you of these characters?
  • TvC2 or MvC2.5 or something else… the final verdict.
  • How does it smell at E3?
  • What do the graphics look like? TvC styled?

  • Any thoughts on the exchange system?

Thanks, btw, this info will probably mean more than Game Journalist #25.

  • Combo system. How does it work. TvCesque or MvC2esque
  • Engine or gameplay wise whats totally new. Kinda like how snaps were added from 1 to 2.

What is the combo system like? Same as MvC2?

Is exchange/launcher/4th button feel that different (In terms of MvC2 gameplay)?
Which (MvC2 or TvC) background helps with adjusting the game (Does it help to practice either game)?
Can you please update whatever characters are confirmed at this event? (I’ve been waiting for so long so any updates would be nice)

are there dhc’s, triple team supers, or snapbacks? are the assists generic, or do they have abstract applications?

Pretty much these.

Yo is this game gonna keep Vs. peeps hood? please say yes

  • Is the game as fast as MvC2 or has the speed changed
  • How many characters are in the game currently?

Any other questions would be based off of what they show at E3 so yeah.

From what I’ve read, yes.

I’m pretty sure the assists will have their uses.

will there be triangle jumps ?

Everyone please re-read the 1st post.

How much is the exchange button treated like a normal?

Are double snaps still possible?

Triangle jumps were confirmed already, but yeah, I’d like more known about it too.

-What new features are there besides the actual gameplay?

Q1 - One of the best aspects of MvC2 was that its fast and lenient system gave players the ability to move around the playing field with great freedom. Because of this, resets (purposely ending one combo and initiating a new combo in order to “reset” damage and stun counters) became a dominant gameplay element and is one of the reasons strategy in the game has stood the test of time. TvC’s system was a lot slower and sluggish; because of this reset set-ups which players would have once been able to take advantage of in MvC2’s system could easilly be seen and could easilly be blocked, renderering the concept somewhat uselesss or obsolete and encouraged cliche anime fighter style gameplay.

Will these issues seen in TvC be addressed in MvC3 and can we expect gameplay to return to the fast, lenient and abusive style seen in MvC2?

Q2 - One of the main problems with TvC compared to MvC2 was the lack of veriety in assist attacks. There were three main types, projectile and anti-air (with the exception of the likes of Tekkaman’s grab assist) which is all fine and well, but they served very limited purposes. Projectile assists were mostly used to extend ground combos, while anti air assists did nothing more than lift the opponent slightly off the ground.

While we know assist types will be making a return to MvC3, can we expect to see assists being a lot more effective and aid players in more ways than simply extending a combo, like in MvC2?

Did you actually play the game or did you just watch videos of it?

If you played it, is it mvc3 or tvc2?

How long have you been playing mvc2, how long how you been playing tvc?

How is the music and sound fx?

Do all characters have English voice acting?

I played MvC1 competitively for 3 years, and MvC2 competitive for 3 years. Im also currently into competitive TvC as most of you know.

To address DemonDash - Im not sure what TvC you are playing, but high speed resets are not only comon but extremely effective, they just tend to rely on Baroque to perform them. You just dont see them in the same situations, as the game doesnt have any loops or infinites that need to be dropped to keep the opponent from dizzying out (which doesnt exist in tvc).

Furthermore, while I agree that TvC’s assists being unchangable on each character is limiting and hurts possible team synergy, I do not agree that their only use is to extend a combo. They are used very frequently for frame traps (Chun assist is nuts for this), covering unblockable startup (Alex, Casshan, and Yatterman2), covering a laggy move, covering a 50/50 mixup (most notably with morrigan, doronjo, zero, polimar), and of course controlling space to help you approach or escape (Blade, Saki, Condor, Rockman). So, while I would like (and think we are getting) the 3 assist types per character back, that doesnt make the assists in the TvC system so one-note.

Lets try to stay away from TvC related stuff in this thread though and focus on Marvel 3.