E3 2018 Thread: THIS PARTY'S GETTING CRAZY...LETS ROCK! Day 3, Last Day of E3! Streams, Interviews, and Gameplay!

Trover saves the universe looks so stupid but I want to give Justin Roiland money so I will likely get it.

Trover saves the universe is a PSVR game.

Kraven and Venom are generally loners, Lizard has his own story to tell, Mysterio generally commands no respect from the other rogues and Hobgoblin has fallen off HARD in notoriety.

Outside the random Mr. Negative, this is a pretty stock standard Sinister Six.

The thing is that all of the listed were part of the Sinister Six at some point…

I’m aware of that. But when it comes to putting on the Six for the game, none of them are worth putting in because they’re all better off away from it for the reasons I stated.

Playstation put up their streaming schedule for E3 Tues and Wed after the showcase it it seems it’s not anywhere right now.

printed from the stream

I came in to say REmake 2…it’s about fucking time.

from discord


RE2 Remake
Ghost Of Tsushima
Last Of Us 2
The Division 2
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Sony, take my money please…lol

That goofy movie pic…fuck that’s hilarious. Too damn true. Everyone mad we waiting til early next year

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Who is this?

Ada? Claire?

Definitely Claire dude.


The sleeves are throwing me off.

Bruh, she ain’t even asian lol


Can’t ever be too sure with how Capcom occasionally changes how their characters look like (e.g. Chris in RE7).

True, but that’s more of a face thing, not an overall design thing. Like, I doubt they would just completely kill the Femme Fatale aspect of Ada

True. Though she didn’t strike me as a “Claire” at first. Aside from the sleeves (Ada’s worn similar before, though this more likely means, OG RE2 sleevless jacket as DLC), her hair isn’t as red as I was expecting.

Yeah, I get all that, but like, there’s no way she looks more like Ada than Claire is all I’m sayin


Yeah, saw the second trailer (the Rat POV one), it’s definitely Claire.