E3 2019 Thread: Donzo! Post E3 Conversation and Migration back into VGG

Dino Crisis and Battletoads hmm…

Only title on that list I have any faith in is Cyberpunk 2077. I really really hope that’s coming out this year, early next year. I want it soooo badly.

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Dying Light 2 will be at E3

So I want to go into a full post on things I want to see this year but I’m not gonna do that on this phone. Instead with Avengers: Endgame’s release the hype for Marvel games will be in fever pitch for a minute. I’m looking forward to seeing more on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 but st least we have SOME footage for this game. We havent seen anything on Squeenix’s Avengers game since that simple teaser…2 years? Think it’s been 2 years…2 years ago! I would like at least a concept cg trailer but at this point I’ll just take some kind of update. My curiosity is killing me right now!





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I’m hoping Devolver Digital does a “AVAILABLE NOW!” for Metal Wolf Chaos. Been wanting to play and it’s been almost two years since they announced they had it.

CoD getting a panel

it wouldn’t be E3 without Activision having CoD there in some form or fashion. I believe it’s IWs turn on the franchise.

Nintendo just posted their E3 Schedule (sorta) on social media.

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I think the only company we are missing at this point is Devolver Digital. Please do a conference this year DD.

Just checked and actually DD said they are doing one, just havent put up the time yet

Ill update the OP when I get home later tonight.


The reason why I’m posting this in here is because it says there will be more info in June…wwwwwhhhhhich pretty much means that it will prob be at Squeenix’s conference in some capacity.

In other words…The Square-Enix Special! Announcement of an Announcement.

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Not quite this go round…but they better not pull that stunt at E3


Heh heh heh…you know better.

We like to assume so.
But time will tell

Its almost as if they were reading this thread

Already updated the others yesterday. Will update again later tonight

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Boo Devolver !!!


I am…confused as well and feel there might be a story involved? Please elaborate if there is.

Kinda Funny Games will be doing a showcase this year again