E3 List Leaked, Marvel vs Capcom 4 on it [trololololo]



oh god

Edit: also new Darkstalkers on Wii and Killer Instinct


Will believe later


De3d raising


Is that even a reliable source? I’ve easily seen at least 6 different “leaked” lists of games going around twitter and Facebook.
I don’t trust any of them, however, if it was true I’d be definitely exited.
The SF4 update clearly means that SF5 isn’t coming for a couple of years, and the update isn’t even coming before EVO, so I’m pretty sure capcom wants SF42013 to last for at least 2 more years like v2012 did.
I’m really convinced that Capcom now really does take into consideration the FGC when releasing a major fighting game.
Ultimate is on a same situation where it’s now going for its second year at EVO, and it would make a lot of sense to release a sequel for next gen.

I personally didn’t have any plans to buy a next gen console until a game caught my attention, but MVC4 would definitely be that game.


I’ll believe it when that guy on Neogaf who leaks everything confirms it.


Banjo Kazooie has already been debunked, so the list has to be fake right?


i dont even see mvc4 in that pic


My uncle works at capcom and he heard some voice actor repeating “Viper Beam”. I also heard “Catun Cordor” or something like that. One guy was telling everyone to Behold something.


Might want to excercise that finger of yours, scrolling down a bit.


Killer Instinct and MVC4? Crack is back.


After what happened with Ultimate Marvel 3, I doubt they’re gonna make a Marvel 4.


I call bullshit.


Dudes didn’t have enough time to go to photoshop and whip up a logo


I bet you have a tier list and projections for the next five years already written out for MVC4


if mvc4 looks like the new GG ill be in there


I know this is fake, theres no way this could happen. If it is real though, I can’t wait to play Darkstalkers, Marvel 4, and Mirror’s Edge 2.


I hope people really don’t believe this list. For Christ sake,



Even if it plays like a dumber mvc3?


Can UMvC3 even get any dumber?


theres always vanilla