E3 Regency Fun Center Results (MvC2 & CvS2)


MvC2 (12 Players)

  1. Harry Potter - Mag/Storm/Tron, Santhrax, Storm/Sent/Cable
  2. Amir - MSP, MSS
  3. Shortterm - MSP
  4. Eric Wang - MSS (I think)
  5. Junior B “Aero” - Mag/Storm/Cyke, maybe other teams
  6. Tony G. - Sent/Cable/???

CvS2 (14 Players)

  1. Amir - A Sagat or Blanka/Bison/Sakura
  2. XxEvilElvisxX - C Ryu/Ken or Cammy/Sagat, A Sagat/Ken/Sakura
  3. Willy “Drizzt01” - A Yuri/Athena/Kim
  4. ZuggZugg - K Geese/Cammy/Sagat, A Iori/Geese/Bison
  5. Pat the Great - K CBS, A ???/???/???
  6. Kennywood - K Sagat or Cammy/Hibiki/Blanka

GG’s and thanks for coming out. Next saturday 5/22, CvS2, MvC2 and 3rd Strike. Hopefully the sticks will be better after the control panels have been physically worked on.


Not much of a turnout, but good times anyway.


well i’m gonna prolly plan something for monday, to get a few marvel players there, with Steve there at the same time and have everyone report every little thing that’s wrong, so that he can fix it on the spot. He’s re-doing the whole control panel on the showcase and on the middle marvel machines today, because he knows that the double button presses aren’t registering and wants to fix it.


LOL nigga u used fukkin r4 sagat? hella beast.


fuuuuuuck no, i either used cammy or sagat with hibiki/blanka


Re: Re: E3 Regency Fun Center Results (MvC2 & CvS2)

weeeeak k sagat is the truth

good job on 1st pozzle =D




fuck da man, you da man…


I’d like to congratulate the low turnout. Where the hell was Soo/Wong?


zugg O_o