E8 GGXX/CVS2 Results


1st - fLoE - Johnny/Sol - Chicago
2nd - Unconkable - Dizzy/Baiken/Eddie - STL
3rd - Josh B - Bridget - Ohio


1st - fLoE - K-CBS - Chicago
2nd - Enkindu - C-Vega/Blanka/Chun FL
3rd - AznSoul - A-Sagat/Blanka/Bison - TX

good shit

Good shit on coming back from the losers bracket against me in GGXX. That was the longest finals ever, seemed like an eternity!

conk out,
not Baiken, Dizzy, or Eddie anti-air against Johnny and Sol, just…

NO SERIOUSLY, WHERE IS MY ANTI-AIR!!!:frowning: :rolleyes: :frowning:

Oh dear god, more Sol and Johnny!

head explodes

heh, nice one netting two wins.

Nice Baiken gets 2nd though! :smiley:

has problems of his own fending off Sol and Johnny


Good job floe in both games. Are you the same guy who got 3rd in SC2? That’s a lot of games you are good at…

What about MvC2 results?

Good Job to my Buddy Dwayne for Cvs2, too bad I wasn’t there with you :).