E8 warmup: Mini-KiT 11/8 -- Results


Tekken 4:

  1. Bane - Atlanta, GA
  2. dooboy - Atlanta, GA
  3. law.chang - Memphis, TN
  4. -KDX- - Murfreesboro, TN
    t-5) BigCrockDawg - Cookeville, TN
    t-5) Stack - Atlanta, GA

Tekken Tag:

  1. Bane - Atlanta, GA
  2. law.chang - Memphis, TN
  3. dooboy - Atlanta, GA
  4. WoTmanX - Nashville, TN
    t-5) CodEZ - Murfreesboro, TN
    t-5) TrickyLing - THE Hermitage, TN

Soul Calibur 2:

  1. law.chang - Memphis, TN
  2. sharktongue - Huntsville, AL
  3. [KFC]StaticAlpha - Louisville, KY
  4. Jeremy - Knoxville, TN
    t-5) jio - Memphis, TN
    t-5) Maz - Knoxville, TN

Marvel vs Capcom 2:

  1. Wody Hiroshima - AL
  2. arcade man - Franklin, KY
  3. DXY Gremlin - Nashville, TN
  4. sharktongue - Huntsville, AL

Guilty Gear XX:

  1. Lil Majin - Memphis, TN
  2. MajinSSJ6Goku - Memphis, TN
  3. [KFC]StaticAlpha - Louisville, KY
  4. jio - Memphis, TN


my nucca Wody holding it down for the dragon gang!:smiley:
great job. (^_^)’

wody: i’ma send you that mixtape soon…you saw the images i put on this site?


good job 2 the MvC2 winner woody :)~!
& to all the opther placers in the other games.


good job wody. =]


WODY GOOD JOB !!!:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:


Congrats Wody. Bane and dooboy still beasting in Tekken I see.


Way to go Wody!!! the truly kicks ass, We are glad to to have you as a Blackdragon, Thats for sure! keep it you man, and more power to ya!

Strider Out!!


Congratulations Wody H.


lol i thought he was j/k when he wanted me to put wody… guess people do know him as that O_O


Yo peeps, had fun…good tourney!!

first off, I was glad the GGXX and MvC2 tournies went so well, and I hope we can do that again in the future!! =)

Also, I’d just like to say that Simple Paul rules.

Shout outs?? awwww yah!!

KiT peeps I see on semi-regular basis: Good seeing everyone again, and gg’z to those who I got to play, had mucho fun y’all.

Majins: glad you guys could finally make it and I hope it was worth your while, and I hope u had fun. It was good to finally see what Josh is talkin about. Good stuff!!

K-Ville crew: Glad u guys could make it for SC2, I am glad to hear SOMEbody in that town actually travels to rep, good stuff!

ATL: Way to represent guys, and Bane–Simple Paul had u bro!!! Oh well, u did well, GJ.

PsychoSilver and VEGEKEN: Nice meeting u guys, GJ on your first KiT tourney, you guys did well in GGXX…I hope to see y’all around! Maybe we could get some games in sometime to train or just mess around!!

MvC2 maniacs: twas fun watching u guys play, and I just wish back in the day when I was still into that game there was so much interest!! Oh well, =)

KY Peeps: Last but not least, y’all fools are crazy as shit and I am always glad to chill with u fellaz. I’ll have to come up sometime and chill again, until then-- Later!! Oh yah, and ROB…I can still get u that CD man, just get u some high-speed net so I can send it or PM me an address to send it to, aight??



Quit using those Aliases. I know who won that mvc2 tournament Wody Hiroshima:lol: :lol:

Congrats man Hold that shit down with scrub


Congrats Taz on getting second and eugene on getting 3rd. You guys need to come to the next anderson tournament or the big Charlotte tournament in january. Justin came down last time along with jersey and philly players to NC so yall should make it.

Congrats also to June for placing so high in T4 and of course Bane beasts.


Yeah he’s weird like that.


wody is a funny name:eek:


Great job man

Great job woody way to represent.:cool:


Who is WODY?

I dont recall a WODY taking first…
And as for the Cvs2 Tourney that didnt take place What happend?

Next time we’re having it on PS2




now I feel like I belong, ^^



read your pm’s.






lol.:lol: :wasted: