EA announces NFL Blitz for PSN and XBL, Jan 2012



Not a fan of American Football but will prob. give this a try.


Not sold unless they give Aaron Rodgers his patented dragon punch.



Did EA basically buy ALL of Midway’s sports properties?
And did I just see the Fox sports robots…SOLD!!!


No late hits allowed.


Yes, they will be taking my money on this game.


Got to have the same announcer as before…“Oh the HUMANITY!”

Also, can we please have cross-over characters that effect game play? I remember the early versions of Blitz and Jam had MK characters in them (I think they had added effects, but not anything that effected gameplay).

Looked at the preview…got a NFL Streets vibe to it (CPU cheated like hell in that fucking game):wtf:


Like what? I used to play big-headed Raiden all the time in the original blitz, and he didn’t have anything extra as far as I know.

But yeah, this is looking pretty good. If I was Midway, I’d be pissed though.


When I saw this I knew 2012 would be a good year.


Game looks pretty good. Never really liked EA for buying the NFL license like they did. Im just hoping they dont put in an insane computer comeback BS like midway did with past blitz games.


They put AI comebacks to NBA Jam: On Fire edition…so I wouldn’t be surprised they would do the same for Blitz.


The game will be out this week on US PSN and I believe it should be on XBL as well.


Well, the last time a retro football game made its way to XBL in the form of Tecmo Super Bowl, I was excited. Until the online play was unbearable. I’m gonna wait to see how the reviews are before I spend the money on this.


The netplay was pretty good for Jam OFE. I can only imagine that Blitz’s will be pretty good too.

No more late hits disappoints me though. Was at D+B’s a few weeks ago and ran a few games of Blitz, and remembered the cheap laughs I could get out of German suplexing the dude who just scored a TD.


Leg Drops and Body Splashes as the camera pans out for the next quarter.


Still waiting on the X-Box version, but damn, its good to see that EA finally has a shot at putting a football game out the door that accurately simulates what goes down on Sunday afternoons lol
I do hope this game is more NBA Jam: On Fire than NBA Jam 2011, but regardless, I’m pretty damn hyped for this game.


I love NFL Blitz and await to hear some reviews on this before I bite and pick it up. Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) and NFL Blitz 2000 (N64) are my 2 most favorite football games.

It’s very hard to find people to play where I live so I really hope the online doesn’t suck. I own NBA Jam (rerelease) and NBA Jam: OFE and the online is actually pretty good so I hope Blitz followed suit.



No late hits? Not giving these assholes one cent.


Ever had the player drag the ball handler into the endzone by mistake when attempting to body slam him? That used to piss me off.

Back in the days when the The Skins were high tier.


Played the demo. Did not like it one bit. Late hits only bothers me a little bit, but the whole game itself feels watered down. 2 pages for offensive playbook and not 3, gameplay doesn’t feel like regular Blitz, and the controls are much different from the PS1 versions.

Not buying, I’ll go put in my copy of Blitz 2001 instead.


I made the huge mistake of buying the game as opposed to downloading the demo. I started playing the game around 6:30 put it down after the first game which was maybe like 15 minutes later and I have not touched it since and I do not plan on playing it again. This version of Blitz SUCKS. I play N64 Blitz all the time and this game is not original Blitz. NBA Jam: OFE still plays like NBA Jam even with the new stuff, this does not play like Blitz. It feels sluggish, new moves are stupid, it really seems like a few plays got changed a little, the button layout sucks, and very few plays. This game is simply not for me and I screwed myself out of 1200 Microsoft Points.