EA Chicago to make a new Marvel Fighting Game

After Def Jam Icon…I have no hope for this game.

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It can’t be worse than Rise of the Imperfects, can it?



Big fan of Marvel comics so I’ll get it regardless like I got Marvel Nemesis but I don’t have high hopes. All I ask is I hope they give us a few super obscure characters like Squirrel Girl, Miss Arrow, heck toss in Howard the Duck! That would make the game for me.

When I first heard that EA was going to do a Marvel fighting game, I was hoping for Magneto vs Madden or something. :wonder:

Meh. If it has really obscure heroes like Darkhawk and Ironfist*, allowing them their first VG appearance, I’ll nab it for that.

… yeah it will probably suck.

EDIT: Shiki, wow… How could I forget such a wonderful game. But still, he wasn’t playable of sorts

challenge everything

In any case, this game will break new grounds of suck.

The only thing EA is good at is sucking.

Also, Maximum Carnage owns.

That is all.

I’m hopefully optimistic!

…ant man should be in it.

But yeah, after nemesis and icon I don’t have high hopes for this game. But quite honestly, Nemesis was far too awesome of an idea to be such a terrible game. (seriously, marvel heroes fighting game that let’s you pic uo cars. How the HELL can you mess that up?) So i’ll at least give this one a try.

Agreed. I had the Genesis copy of the game back in the day, but I never fully appreciated it until later.
I ended up trading it in to Toys R Us, because they had a special where you traded in any 10 SNES or Genesis games to get a Saturn for $99 (I HAD to have my Alpha 2).

Maximum Carnage is the only game I ever regret giving away…:sad:

Stole the words. I was hopeful for DJI, but it just made me think Kudo should do a whole lot of boxing games before jumping back into fighters.
…I mean, seriously. Dude was clowning the previous Def Jam and fighters in general before DJI came out, talking about how there wasn’t much innovation.
But DJFFNY and those fighters were still fun to play, because they had a lot more options.

Go EA!


…cuz that’s mah e-a!

I just find it funny that the only Game Publisher who’s NEVER made a good game with a significant Marvel license is EA.

When even *Acclaim *can make a good Marvel game and you CAN’T, then that should give you pause for some serious introspection.

I will say that Marvel Nemesis was MUCH better on the PSP then it was on the console ports.

No stupid contradicting storyline that you had to sit through just so you could learn how to play the game, just fighting and that’s it. Also the colors were a lot brighter and not as dark as the console version.

It still had issues because it did some crazy fast 360 turns to make you dizzy. Fights could still take a long time because of the characters healing themselves up by running away so that was still a problem. Still not a great game though by far.

At the very least it had Captain American and Doctor Doom in it because come on common sense how do you not have Cap and Doom in the game jeezus rice… still no Hulk which boggles the mind… At least Thor was “dead” when the game came out (he got better though) so there’s that excuse I guess…

Fucking let down…I have no hope for EA…

Broken Characters and Engine? It’s in the game!