EA Just Raped My Childhood


Female hockey players in NHL? Fine, it’s create a player, whatever. Worse case scenario, I might pop wood watching some random girl beat the shit out of my buddy’s LA King’s.

Take the Def Jam series, remove everything good about Fight for NY and replace it with DJ scratching and probably kill what could have been one of the greatest fighting games of all time? Sure, maybe next time.

I could go on and on with shit that would make me facepalm, that EA has brought to the table. But today, they went too fucking far.

EA is remaking one of my all time favourite games. Normally, this is cause for celebration. But Duke Nukem taught us that waiting decades for a sequel can be a bad thing. But this is no mere lame underdeveloped game. This is SYNDICATE. And it’s coming out next year.

Why so angry, you might ask? I’ll tell you. Well, aside from Peter Molyneux having NO FUCKING INPUT WHATSOEVER, it’s being made into a FPS. Seriously. They took a four man team based RTS style game, and made yet another FPS. I love FPS games, don’t get me wrong. But WHY change this. Syndicate was a game where each level held MILLIONS of ways to possibly complete the objectives, and have a blast while doing it. And you’re going to change that into a lame version of Deus Ex.

First X-Com going from a similar style game (turn based based 3/4 isometric view with RPG elements and customization) into a fucking FPS with stupid lame uber alien weapons. And now you take my beloved Syndicate and pretty much assure that it will be in a bargain bin in less than a year. I waited TWENTY YEARS FOR THIS YOU BLOODTHIRSTY COCKSUCKING GREEDY FUCKBAGS.

I now await news of a fucking Tetris flight sim and King’s Quest IX to be puzzle fighter, just to finish the complete and total destruction of my childhood.


EA Checklist:

Phase 1) Remake Syndicate. CHECK
Phase 2) Destroy Soviet’s childhood. CHECK
Phase 3) Profit


They are making all these PC classics into FPS’s because consoles are where the money is at.



Yeah, Syndicate is a classic. Remaking it and not even coming close to the original gameplay is really dumb. Hopefully they’ll do something to preserve it int eh translation to 3D.


For the record X-COM is being made by 2K Marin who say they will keep the rpg elements in and GI’s preview last year said there’s some weapon building, customization, and detective work so it’ll most likely turn out to be at least a decent game and play differently then COD.



Better stock up!


Would be cool if they made some of these classics into cheap HD downloadable titles, like Bionic Commando Rearmed or Dead Nation. I’d like to see a Syndicate Wars with improved graphics, or a Shadowrun or a Blackthorne.

Syndicate so classic. UZI. MINIGUN.


Really? Them making a new one that you don’t have to play takes your currently existing childhood memories of syndycate, bends them over a table in your mind and rapes them harder than RockB hates woman?
Them fucking up the franchise NOW doesn’t change your enjoyment back then. I hate how often people use that expression “Raping my childhood”. Don’t play the new one and keep your happy memories of playing the old one while you were oblivious that your mom was pegging your dad in the next room.
I totally give you the right to be angry at a shitty sequel, but don’t say it rapes your childhood unless EA has actually invented a time machine, gone back in time and raped you in a Tardis.


like the movie industry the videogame industry is running out of ideas

In the immortal words of Robin Williams, “drop your pants, bend over and lift your sack.”


Given how the Chronicles of Riddick games were dope as shit i think you should reserve judgement till after you have more information. First Person is just a perspective doesn’t mean it’s going to suck. Stop being such a Soviet.


yo i got a sick idea for a new game, its called dj SUPERhero where it comes with a mac and beats by dre headphones and you get to register yourself as an official dj and shit, mad sick

for an extra 50 bucks you can link your itunes to it, shit is niceeeeeeeee


I STILL need to play those, the reviews all praised them.

  • :bluu:


EA is fucking awesome, stop being whiny faggots.


they also made Darkness. Try telling me how glorious that game was.

I dont see why this had to be a FPS?

And Val, while the new game won’t in fact change the original games, it sucks waiting through 20 years of rumours and speculation, only to be given the wrong kinda game. Like if the next Street Fighter was a turn based game similar to Civilizations. Sure, it might be good, but it’s not what was wanted. Why bother calling it a remake, if you are not in fact remaking the game, but rather making an entirely different game, with the name slapped on just to sell some more nostalgia copies?

I ain’t the only person bitching about this




Here’s a solution, stop playing shitty sports games.



They were a LOT of fun

h8rs goin h8


I shoudn’t, but im going to anyway,

didnt capcom do this recently with SF?


hahaha EA it hurts so good!


I agree with Val. “Raped my Childhood” is the dumbest fucking expression SRK likes to beat into the ground. It’s way worse they any of the fighting game lingo *Never played Syndicate so couldn’t give a shit."