EA Sports UFC 2 the champion of realistic fighting games reaches a new next gen level of fighting


EA Sports UFC 1 is a phenomenol attempt at a new next gen fighting game, and EA Sports UFC 2 is looking to surpass and raise the standards of quality new gen fighting, with the greatest most rewarding gameplay EA UFC fights feel more real and intense than any other), the greatest industry and genre leading graphics, and the most groundbreaking technology this genre has even experienced!!!

Whether people like arcade, MMA or other types of fighting games, of all of them, EA Sports UFC 2 spring 2016 is going to be one fighting game to definitely play and kick ass. :slight_smile: (also this saturday the most anticipated UFC fights of the year are taking place, so people rusty on current MMA news may wanna check out the highlights).

The fighting genre is broad enough to have MMA as well as other types of games, but in my opinion, no other company has done MMA fighting at the level that EA is doing with it. When it comes to mixed martial arts, EA Sports does it best. I got countless intense matches online with the first EA UFC, and I’m so glad they are bringing the sequel spring 2016. It will make them more money and have more players online than any boxing game. :slight_smile:

EA Sports UFC proves realistic fighting can be just as fun or more fun than arcadey fighting.

New modes include KO Mode and Ultimate Team

new feature called Grapple Assist

UFC 2 boasts a new knockout physics system to deliver more realistic animations.

Makeruna Makendo2 is currently the ultimate fighting game ever created!

Fuck EA.


It’s a goddamn sports game, not a fighting game.
Jesus Christ…


I second this statement. UFC games aren’t fighting games.
It’s a sports game first and foremost and second there none of the in game mechanics you see in a fighting game.


This is an affinity thread, dude makes threads to rustle jimmies. You guys must’ve missed the seminar.


If smash is a fighting game, how is this not?


Oh you!!!

both @Pertho and @affinity


Next up WWE2K16 at EVO.


damn… another UFC but no fight night? fuck off EA


Another one for a not a fighting game camp.


So, can we assume that this game has the makings of a Madden Curse?




1st of all, be educated. a MMA game is still a fighting game. And arcadey fighting games like Street Fighter, are loosely based off of real fighting, which is what MMA is about, real fights within MMA unified rules. Just like the conventional fighting game has their own rules, MMA has their own rules, and they ARE ALL FIGHTING GAMES. To say that MMA games are not fighting games, is embarrassing the so called intelligence of the fighting game community as a whole.

2nd of all, boxing is obsolete at the mainstream level and will always be inferior to Mixed Martial Arts, in popularity, diversity, and depth. Only conservatives and boxing traditionalists would be in denial of that fact. boxing still makes headlines, but it doesn’t have the broadest viewer and competitor demographic.

Even champion boxers like Holly Holm see there is greater potential in MMA, and MMA is a higher tier of fighting, than boxing alone can ever be. MMA is a taller mountain than boxing.

3rd of all, EA Sports UFC is vastly underrated because the average “fighting gamer” are too lazy and closed minded to learn a fighting system that is universes different
from Street Fighter, Tekken and their clones.

4th of all, it’s very ignorant to hate EA as a whole. It’s funny people are unforgiving for the things EA does wrong, but they treat Capcom like a saint.
It’s very foolish and moronic thinking to label anything EA publishes as “bad”. Also, EA was nice enough to patch EA Sports UFC and improve it better,
plus adding SEVERAL FREE DOWNLOADABLE FIGHTERS. Even Tecmo doesn’t do that for its paid DLC fighters. Yes I read somewhere SFV is going to add more fighters for free,
but SFV’s roster is going to be pathetic compared to EA Sports UFC 2’s.


UFC continues to make real history, the competition is improving, and there’s literally no better company for MMA fighting games than EA Sports. And fighting game fans that feel the usual fighting franchises aren’t what they want, can find a lot of exclusive values from EA Sports UFC fighting games, even those upset about the pre EA era of fighting games (Undisputed), that weren’t at the level of fighting game they wanted.** You know there are a lot of fans of arcadey and simulation alike, that find EA Sports UFC fighting to be the ideal fighting game series for them. and they are not wrong to feel that way. **

Gamers that hate on MMA games, and EA UFC, are just butthurt they can’t be handed a win from footsies, dial a combos and fireballs. :slight_smile:

the mainstream even acknowledge SSB and NSUNS as fighting games, it’s gutter stupid to claim that MMA/UFC games are not fighting games, just because they don’t follow the formula mechanics you expect out of the genre. I dunno if the haters here are clueless kids or just senile. Ah, they’re mostly trolls that are clueless AND senile.


The only thing that may be correct in that statement is depth. I would argue Boxing is more diverse then MMA, both in competitors and fanbase. When I go to a boxing match or watch it in a bar, all types of people are there cheering rooting for their fighter. When I go to a bar and MMA happens to be on ( I would never intentionally watch a match) its a bunch of white dudes with backwards baseball caps.

Boxing is crazy popular in the UK, and a lot of eastern European countries, Mexico where it pretty much is only second to soccer and its still pretty popular in many South American countries. I’m not going to get into this with you on this thread but you like MMA, but to use this chic who just won as a testament that MMA is a taller mountain is garbage. If you can box you go to boxing (if you are a male anyway, Rousey has made female MMA extremely popular… In fact there was a poll and there was only 12 percent of people who could name another MMA fighter outside of Rousey). If you can’t box… and you want to fight there is always the MMA. There is simply more money for the top boxers than there is for the top MMA fighters. That isn’t debatable.

I do agree however, It is a fighting game and should be in this thread. Not sure how people think it isn’t…


Psychic motherfucker.



Well I could very well be wrong, since my knowledge of UFC isn’t that great (that’s what we are talking about I presume) but there are champions from all over the world in boxing. And the fan base kind of reflects that.


Are these games even designed around competitive play? I can’t even find any actual player matches, just lots of CPU fights.


MMA has fans, competitors and champions of all colors and creeds.


The reason why most wont give this game the time of day is because, it’s more of a fight simulator than a game. It tries so hard to imitate real life fighting that it’s to the point where why not just go out to a gym or something and do this shit for real? Where as games like Street Fighter. Mortal Kombat etc are loosely based off of real fighting and have elements in them that just aren’t doable in real life. Thus makes them fun and worth playing. That’s the point of games. A fun interactive escape from reality and the norm. UFC games are the opposite of that. As well as sports titles like Madden and NBA 2K.