EA vs Marvel

It sucks to be me if this is already posted…

To summarize 2 pages of PR junk:

3D: Yes
Online: Yes
Simple: Yes
Jermaine O’Neal Buster Wolf Assist: No

they destroyed marvel vs fighting as we know it, basically it will be another mutant academy but with nicer graphics end of story.


Ugh no more good fighting games as we know it. This shit better be on some tekken crap or Im blowing up marvel and EA

hopefully, it will be good, but it will probably turn out to be a pile of crap, Mortal Kombat and DoA 3d style.

Well if Marvel was not dead before this will kill it for sure. RIP Marvel we knew ye well :sad:

Afrter reading so much crap and hearing they get inspiration from SSBM I started to cry piece of crap. Who knows maybe it be good but for some reason I know this game will be masher friendly and broken like hell. Maybe it be a fun game but tourney worthy no.

If it’s that trashy, we should just let 'em know by not buying it, and sending out petitions. Capcom>EA (sorta…)

This game sounds like Def Jam vendetta with marvel skins.

Capcom has done better work with the Marvel license than all other companies combined. I’d strongly argue the Marvel and vs series are the finest uses of licenses ever. To see this license slip into the hands of EA is just disgusting.

Never get MvC3
Never get MSH2

i want to find the first infinite to exploit online :smiley:

Should’ve stayed with Capcom, Marvel…

^^Heh I thought I was the only nut who wanted a sequel to MSH. Despite its complete and utter brokenness, it’s my favorite Marvel game.

This is going to sell shitloads.

Sadly, true. I’m willing to bet that it’ll be one of the biggest seelling fighting games of all time.

Well I called at least a couple of the characters, I guess. Obviously Spidey and Wolverine, but the others they show here are Elektra and the Thing; Elektra had her own movie recently and the Thing will be in the Fantastic Four’s movie whenever it’s coming out. So it looks like it’ll just be characters that have had their own movies lately.

I’m sure it’ll suck, but no doubt, it’ll sell like hot cakes.

December 2005 (or whenever this game is coming out) version of IGN: Best fighting game 3v4h! The button mashing days of Street Fighter are over! Here comes Marvel vs EA! 9.5/10! (If anyone remembers what they wrote when Soul Calibur 2 came out)

lets hope…

The games graphics are superb!! It looks better than T5…We can just hope. They better make it available in the arcades:)

r they gonna but characters from Def Jam ? coz it would be so cool seeing thanos teaming up with method man

I hope no one even buys this. Even for the sake of having one of the shittiest fighting games out there.