Eager to learn!

Hi, everyone I’ve been really wanting to dive into UMVC3 and step my game up. I would still consider myself a new player however a lot of the basics I am familiar with. I understand what things mean and what I’m watching and can do the basic ABC combos no problem. I have tried many different characters and seem to always end up having problems with execution and combos and timing. One character since the release of the game that I wanted to play was Magneto. I love the feel of the character it just fits when I play him however I always get intimidate by the crazy high end magneto combos. I really want to step my game up and be able to one day do the more advance stuff but I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I’m not sure where to go or to start off with after the very very basic are down. I’ve tried finding really simple versions of Magneto’s flight and hyper grav combos. I still have trouble with the dashing and timing of these combos. I set in training mode trying to break them down and practice them but it really feels like I have hit a wall and nothing is coming together. I am wondering at this point is Magneto just a character that I can’t play even though I really enjoy playing him. (Also I’m not actually picking him because omg I love magneto, I’m picking him because I just really like him in this game.) I would love for any tips or help with upping my game. I really do have a passion for this community and I really would like to one day hold my on against some of the top players.

Welcome. Check out the excellent threads already around. If you need further pointers as to where to turn for guidance, try the UMvC3 general discussion thread. :slight_smile: