Eagle Advanced Strats and Tactics



Eagle is gaining popularity it seems, but he rules


I had no idea he was so sick in A groove until I played Carlos’ Eagle at Final Round 9


midscreen, if someone throws a fireball at you, activate as it is close to you, hcf + mk through it, bunch of rh’s and fierces into ground CC. i don’t like to mess around with punishing full screen fireballs with hcf + rh, it doesn’t work as consistently as i’d like.

basic stuff, i don’t know if i’ve said it before though.


hey popoblo or anyone, have any videos online of eagle play? All I’ve seen is a few comofiend vids


Dan, you KNOW I play Eagle. :slight_smile:

I need help choosing a character (only played arc system games)

yo yo can someone please post eagles B&Bs thanks


yo yo its c.:lp: x2 > s.:mk: > :hcf:+ :mk:


you can also do :qcf:x2 + :p: to end too ya hear?

or you can even do c.:lp:x3 > :qcf:x2+:p:



thanks yo


yo yo you’re welcome yo


Also do forget the APOC Eagle trick… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=1164814&postcount=105

That shit is so nice and gets the opponent pretty scared to poke if you hit them with it a few times.


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LEAVE… Since you’ve failed to realize, this is the fucking strategy zone. If you don’t have anything to say that is about eagles gameplay then STFU!!! You already proved your ignorance in the Akuma thread, don’t fucking come hear and start shit as well.


Does anybody do eagle’s BnB with c.mp instead of s.mk cause it just seems so weird returning to neutral while trying to buffer the hcf+k? I know you can only cancel it on the first hit so it seems kind of tricky but the buffering motion seems so much easier since you can hold down the c.mp to prevent the NE.

Even without being able to consistently pull off the BnB, I’m really liking eagle. His normals are stupidly deceptive and it’s a nice change from top tiers like blanka, guile and honda. C.rh has got to be one of the best non-slide sweeps in the game. Its got nuts range and it comes out pretty fast. Same thing with s.fp. Such awesome distance.

Even in K, I’m finding eagle extremely worth it. He does good guard crush damage, his range is beast, his counter-hit/poke game is very good and JDing jump-ins like Sagat’s j.rh makes up for his inherent AA weakness (if you can’t rc lariat).


really i find that its more awkward to do cr.mp

u can just hold back for st.mk u dont need to go back to neutral its not like ur gonna buffer out anything besides hcf+k


If i do crouching strong, I can just tap the mp at db and then move to back while keeping it held down, preventing a lariat from coming out as I buffer the HCF+K. If I use standing forward, I often end up doing QCB+K (Liverpool White) which ends up in me getting punished like nuts as I jump over my opponent.

In short, using c.mp allows you to be more sloppy then s.mk because you can input the punch on the way to buffering Oxford Red. If you accidentally add in a db input when attempting to combo with s.mk, you get a liverpool that whiffs.

The BnB I’m asking about is: c.lp, c.lp, s.mk/c.mp xx hcf+k. I have the hardest time buffering HCF/HCB :(.

Btw, I play on Happ sticks (p360, comp) so I don’t have the luxury of a square gate preventing me from contacting db.


You can s.mp Sagat out of the air. Ive never had AA problems with Eagle, the only time I RC lariet is vs P-groove or vs cross ups.


eagle vs vega

a really really really important aspect of this matchup is being able to control vega’s RC rolly claws (even the jab ones). you should be actively looking for it and be ready to MP counter ON REACTION. it’s not super hard considering the RC rolly claw move is a charge move so vega can’t just use it out of nowhere.

this is especially important for P/K eagle because any vega player is looking to whore that move out even more. it’s still useful for any groove eagle though. and MP counter builds meter as well (except for S/K eagle, obviously), so it’s a win/win!



in our loc arcade, lots of cvs2 players use eagle alot, as fun characters. but i think eagle could match up some hi-tiers of the game, like Vega as you guys sampled. Air to air, ill give Eagle=7; Vega=3, considering its C groove. Hard match ups for eagle would probably be, IMO, Blanka, Iori and Sagat. Eagle’s poking game is decent, though priorities of some still are issues.

BTW, in our loc arcade, very few of us uses RC, so the complexion of the competition here’s way different.


to popoblo:

BTw, my most decent CC for Eagle is upclose HKx2 HPx2 to hcf+MK (1 hit) cancel into HKx2 HPx2 (repeat) then HKx2 HPx1 to hcf+MK (about 5 hits) then super qcfX2+P. Can you tell me an anti air CC of eagle that (i think) starts with hcb+P. Thanks!


qcb+hp xx c.hp xx qcb+rh then juggle accordingly.